Mrs Sandie. My Report&Pics.

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Mrs Sandie
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30th 2005

Mrs Sandie. My Report&Pics.

Postby Mrs Sandie » Fri Jun 10, 2005 10:56 am

Well Girls im back!
I'm sorry for the delay in getting my report done, but ever since I've got back it's been manic in work and I havent even had a chance to log on to see how all you lot are doing, let alone get my report done! Serious withdrawal symptoms..haha..
Anyway, thank god for bank holiday mondays when the boss is not in, cause now I can right down into the ins and outs of the most amazing, magical, wonderful, fabulous, day of my life….
Here we go….
The week before the wedding was great..Mad and hectic but great..I finished up work on Friday 22nd April and from that day on the fun began..Andrews brother who has lived in Boston for 7 years came home for our wedding on the Saturday..Everyone was expecting him the following Monday so we'd arranged a dinner for Andrew whole family and then his brother surprised everyone by walking in..Needless to say it was all very emotional..
On the Monday and Tuesday I concentrated on Packing for our Honeymoon and cleaning the house etc…I kept expecting to be nervous or panicking over the little things etc but I wasn't ..I was very very emotional all week though and kept crying..
On the Wednesday, Andrew and I went to visit my grandparents and I gave them a 'thank you for everything' card and gave my grandad his 'grandfather of the bride' cufflinks, and my nan her handkerchief with a poem called 'to my nan on my wedding day'…They were so touched with their little gifts and seeing how touched they were really touched my heart..After that we headed up to Andrews mam&dad and gave them their little pressies..Socks and cufflinks etc for his dad and a statuette called mother and son for his mam..I also got his mam a hanky with a poem 'to my mother in law on my wedding day'…They were thrilled!
On the Thursday before the wedding , myself , my mam and my little sister all went into town in our 'bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride' hoodies and tote bags and got our false tans done and went for a quiet lunch just the three of us..We were getting very funny looks of everyone because of our hoodies but it was a great laugh!!
Thursday night we had the rehearsal and it was brilliant..The priest who married us is absolutely mad, so we got a real taster for what was in store for us on Saturday!
Friday - The day before..The sun was splitting the trees and off I went with my mam and sis again to get our nails done..I'd a lovely 2hours of pampering, getting manicured and pedicured etc etc…When I was finished being pampered Andrew and I went to a lovely italian restaurant for lunch..He gave me a beautiful white gold chain with a diamond to match my engagement ring! He had it made from the same man who made my engagement ring and our wedding rings. He also gave me a card and told me not to read it until I was just about to go to sleep that night..I was hugging and kissing him and crying and then more hugs etc…
I gave him an antique pocket watch which I'd had engraved, 'don't be late' on the inside..He absolutely loved it…
About two hours later back at home and it was time to say our goodbyes..Andrew plays League of Ireland football and had a match that night…!!!(as you can imagine I was a nervous wreck with visions of black eyes and broken legs etc)..
I spent a quiet hour in the house on my own and just lay on our bed writing Andrews card to him and getting his 'goodie bag' ready…I'd got him 'groom' cufflinks, socks, a t-shirt, boxers, a bottle of wine, a box of radox, a scented candle and a bottle of Vera Wang for me…Then I gathered up all my things and headed off to my mams at 6pm..I was expecting the night to drag in but it was the quickest night of my life..We ordered a chinese (diet out the window at that stage) and then my mam told me she had a present for me..
She gave me a beautiful gold chain and bracelet to match..They are based on the prayer 'footprints' and the chain has a cross on the end of it with 2little white gold footprints attached.The prayer is inside the box too..For those of you who don’t know it , it's all about how god is always carrying you and always at your side even when you don’t know he's there etc..My mam told me that the footprints on the chain and bracelet was to always remind me that as I start my new journey as andrews wife that no matter where I go in life she will always be 2 steps beside me, carrying me…And as my mam was giving me away , she'd be right there next to me walking me down the isle..I can honestly say it was the nicest present I have ever received..I cried for literally an hour or more.. Until my mam 'sent' me to bed…
It was then that I read Andrews card to me and despite my mams warnings that if she heard me crying again she'd kill me , I was off with the tears streaming down my face! Surprisingly enough I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I slept soundly until 5am the next morning…
5AM - My wedding day…I opened my eyes and just lay there..I couldn’t believe it was my wedding day…
I jumped up after about 10mins and ran into my mam to get her up! Then with a battle I got my sister up too…My mam went downstairs and had the stereo on full balst with 'Going to the Chapel' playing over and over again..(which my neighbours later told me woke them up)Oooooops…
From then on the time flew by..The other 3BMs arrived along with the hairdresser and makeup artist and the house was buzzing..The rain was falling falling falling from the sky and after looking at it from 5am-10am I just couldn’t surpress the disappointment any longer and I start crying///Everyone kept telling me the forecast said from midday it was to brighten up but the sky I was looking up at certainly wasn’t giving me much hope..
The photographer and Videographer arrived, and before I knew it I was stepping into my dress..I felt like a completely different person with it on me..I felt beautiful and like a princess...The house was full of people and I could hear all the hustle and hustle and bustle going on..It was great..I heard 'going to the chapel' being played again and that was my que to come downstairs…I had to stand on the stairs for about 15minutes while everyone took photos etc..I am the most emotional person in the world and I am always crying..Always..But for this one day I didn’t cry!!
I have never felt such emotion but it was a 'bursting with happiness' feeling..I couldn’t stop smiling…The only time I nearly went before getting to the church was when I was standing on the stairs and I saw my grandad and he looked so proud and had tears in his eyes…But my mam helped me compose myself and I was fine from then on…
I had told Andrew I wouldn’t be late and as his parents and mine both live in the same parish and the church we were getting married in was only 2minutes from my mams I didn’t have to leave the house until 1.50pm..I later heard that andrew got to the church at (1.15pm)hahaha..Eager Beaver…
When I stepped outside the house , the sun had broken through and it was turning into a glorious day…I said a silent thank you to god and off we went!
Standing at the back of the church waiting to walk down the isle was unbelievable..I kept taking deep breaths to steady myself and when the Bridal March started I held my mams hand so tight that I though I broke her poor fingers..But we floated down the isle together..Andrew had told me he would look at me but he didn’t which I was so surprised at ,but when we got our dvd I knew why …You can hear his mam giving out to him telling him he'll turn into a pillar of salt and it's bad luck..hahaha..Mothers!!!
I finally reached him and we both had tears in our eyes…He told me I looked Amazing and I told him he did too..He looked so handsome it took my breath away..(and he'd no broken bones from the match the night before so added bonus there)...
My mam 'gave me away' and told Andrew to please always take care of me..She lifted my veil from my face and the service began..
I would love to be able to write out our whole mass for you as the priest was such a character!! But 'obviously ' I can't so ill just give you nit-bits…For the Our Father he made everyone stand up and go into the middle of the church and hold hands..When we were saying our vows he said 'so no shotguns then'….He told Andrew that although I might not look the same in 7years time, I might have deteriortaed etc, that he'd still love me becase that's what a marriage is all about!! He really relaxed everyone(shocked everyone) but as Andrew and I know him for years , we knew what to expect…
The church was my absolute favourite part of the day..becoming Andrews wife, saying 'I do' , putting on my wedding ring etc…It was all more than I could have ever dreamed of..The feeling is indescribable..I'll never as long as I live forget the overwhelming love I felt at that minute.
We walked down the isle to the traditional bridal march and it was great seeing and hearing everyone standing and clapping for us…
On the way to the Powerscourt House, our beautiful wedding car broke down…..!!!!!! At first I just sat there willing the car to go on but it didn’t..So out I got in the middle of stepaside village standing on the edge of the road…Andrew had rented a 1960 mustang to drive to the church that morning with his groomsmen, and luckily enough his brother drove past us in it a few minutes later..So we hijacked the Mustand and went to the Waterfall to have our pictures taken with our fab photographer Paul Kelly…He was amazing! I'm sure we a sight pulling up in the Mustang..My dress was huge with layers and layers and the seats in the Mustang were tiny so the dress was practically up around my head..THEN, (transport just wasn’t our thing), as we were walking away from the car we heard people screaming at us..The car was 'rolling' down a hill towards the edge of a cliff………..Andrew ran down (with the photographer snap snapping away) and he put the handbrake on!!!! At the time I was in shock, but looking back on it now it was hilarious…
The look on our guests face when we arrived at Powerscourt in the Mustang ill never forget..As the sun was now splitting the trees , we had our dream…Our champagne reception outside iin the grounds, with the string quarter playing on the grass..It was beautiful..Stunningly beauitful…! Powerscourt really is the most beautiful place in Ireland.. I couldn’t have wished for more...
We went on a walk on our own down into the gardens..It was lovley to feel the sun beaming , me beaming, and andrew beaming all at the same time..
We were called for dinner at 6.30 (I think) and as we entered the room as Husband and Wife it was wonderful…The food was excellent, Masterchefs and all their staff were amazing! Then came the speeches… My grandad spoke first and I thought my heart was going to explode..He told everyone how I am the life and soul of the family and that im the reason he&my nan get up every morning!! (He also told them about the wedding rehearsals I was making them all do every Friday for the past year though)hahaha…I was so proud of him and so proud to be his grand-daughter and have him speak at my wedding. It will now and forever be one of my fondest memories..Then Andrews dad spoke and his speech was just as touching! He welcomed me into the family&gave a toast to us…Then it was MY turn..Oh god, im cringing now even thinking about it! Guess what I did???? I thanked everyone !! Oh and when I say everyone I mean 'everyone'…haha…I thanked GOD, for the weather…hahahahahahahahahahahaha….(halle berry's oscar speech hadn't a patch on me)!!Before I'd even mentioned my new husband I told the whole 150people about how I cried that morning over the rain and how happy I am the sun came out and then I thanked god….The place errupted in laughter…! Hehe…
Andrews speech was brilliant, and set me off crying again, by telling everyone how I'd made his dreams come through and how happy he was wetc, but after my hilarious speech I figured, who cares if I cry for ireland at this stage , ive already given everyone something to laugh about..!! Sean (our bestman, andrews brother) was fantastic..He spoke about his family and wished us the same happiness for our lives together..Then girls, he read out a few of your lovely messages..Thank you all so much for your words and wishes to us..I read each message over and over when I got home..I'd like to say a special thanks to KazAug05 who laminated all your messages for me and gave it to Sean on the day to rea out..(her Fiance was one of our groomsmen)..
As you all know 'favours' were my 'thing' for the wedding and they went down a treat..We had the just married loveheart sweets scattered on the tables and at each place setting we had the 5almonds, a thank you scroll, a lollipop with our names and picture of a bride and groom on it and for the toast we gave everyone a champagne glass with our names and date of the wedding on them..
Our 1st dance was so so so very special,…I felt like there was no-one else in the room, I felt like there was no-one else in the world..I'll never forget it…We danced to Billy Joels 'I love you just the way you are'…That’s always been 'our' song and we deliberatly hadn't listened to it all year and when I heard it again for the 1st time in so long while standing with my "husband" waiting for our first dance , It felt magical…
Then the night really started…Powerscourt looked beautiful by night…The room was elegantly lit with candles in the fireplaces and on the tables..It was mesmerising..I danced and danced and talked and taked and all in all had the best night of my life…Andrew and I took a few minutes to ourselves and went away to a quiet room that powerscourt had given us and we just had a chat..It was nice to be on our own just for those few minutes..! If you can you I'd defintiely recommend stealing away together, because it all goes by so quickly, its hard to 'grab' each other...
Everyone seemed to have a ball and before I knew it the day and night was over…
The following day the celebrations continued as Andrews parents had organised a function room in the local GAA club, so it was karaoke, and more food and of course more drink…It was great to have everyone there again and talk about the wedding day and listen to everyones stories…
That night Andrew and I stayed in Citywest Hotel in the Bridal suite before heading off at 5am the next Morning to Hawaii….All I an say about Hawaii is that it's paradise!! We had an amazing two weeks, me in my floppy audrey hepburn hats and andrew in his muti coloured Hawaian shirts…We'd such a great time and it was heaven to spend so much time together on our own…!
Oh girls , I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it all is…Even now I have to pinch myself to wake up from the dream that I'm married to the most wonderful man alive..Im so deliriously happy and a month later im still smiling like a Cheshire cat…
Our wedding day was definitely the day we'd both always dreamed of…And I wish the same for each and every one of you…
Without a doubt it's worth every tear, worry line, laughter line, etc etc etc…I loved every minute of the planning and preparations, and I really thought I might get some post wedding blues but I don’t have a trace of them.. I'm loving every minute and second of being married , of being Andrew's wife and although I didn't think it would be any different it is…It's even better than before…
Well that's about it..Im going to stop now because I can't believe how long I've made this…I hope I didn’t bore you all to tears…
Thanks you all again, for everything…For your kind wishes on the day, but also thank you for all the advise , help and chats over the past year…
I've only few photos at the minute that my friend took with her camera and they're on

Email address is: [email protected]
Password: wedding

I have the photographers pics at home on a cd, so I promise they'll be up soon too…

Thanks again,

Before I go, here’s a quick list of suppliers:
Venue: Powerscourt House Enniskerry…Beautiful..
Photographer: Paul Kelly of PK Studios.Paul was brilliant..I barely noticed he was there for the day and yet all the photos were amazing..
Videographer: I booked this guy through Richard Gill and his name was Derek..our video is fantastic and again he not intrusive at all..
Cars; New Ireland Limousines.. Well it broke down so I can't say much more.
Band: Gerry Browne and Blue…They were BRILLIANT..Everyone had such a ball, they played exactly the right music, kept everyone up dancing all night and really involved the guests through the whole time..
Caterers: Masterchefs - The food was mouth watering amazing..The staff were professional right to the very last minute and all credit must go to Sinead who organised the whole event.
My Dress: Town Bride - Powerscourt Mall. Colm is everything I've heard he was..My dress was perfect from start to finsih and he even gave me lessons in how to sit, stand, lift the dress, link Andrew etc etc…
BM's dresses: Rococo in the Westbury took me a long time to find these as I knef what I wanted. They were perfect.
Suits: Suits You in Liffey Valley…
Florist: Mad Flowers. The bouquet I received on the morning wasn’t the one I ordered so they had to do another one for me which I wasn’t too happy about but everything else was perfect.
Church Singer; Kay Lynch of the Irish Sopranos.I have never heard such a beautiful voice.. Kay was fabulous.

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Mrs VM
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Postby Mrs VM » Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:10 am

Wow Sandie....your Day sounds amazing, just perfect. Congratulations.

Couldn't find any pics in your kodak gallery though. :cry: ......dying to see them!!

Mrs VM

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Postby Songbird1 » Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:16 am

Hi Sandie, sincere congratulations and your report is great. I cannot
see any photos either.

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Postby SandraM » Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:52 am

Congrats Sandie - a great report! :D

I'm delighted you had a fab day. I saw the photos you posted yesterday or Wednesday - you looked brilliant in them! I'd have been soooo tempted to have our reception in Powerscourt if we lived in the area - it looks amazing! :D


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Postby Princess consuela » Fri Jun 10, 2005 12:35 pm

Congrats - the day sounded perfect.

Best wishes to you both for the future

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Postby jendun2000 » Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:27 pm

Hi, sounds great, reading yours made me really excited for mine, even though its not for another 1.5 years. When i logged into your kodak album no photos came up. looking forward to seeing them.

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Postby Booz » Mon Jun 13, 2005 11:53 am

Congrats, Sounds fab!

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Postby Mrs.TNGMay05 » Tue Jun 14, 2005 3:04 pm

Hi Sandie,

Congrats! I know what you mean about being busy - Haven't stopped since we got back!

I can't see your pics either!

Mrs. TNG

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Postby MrsSan » Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:27 am

Congratulations Mrs Sandie!! what a lovely report...
Best of luck to yourself and hubby for the future, maybe it be a long and happy one.

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Fantastic Wedding

Postby boodles » Mon Aug 01, 2005 3:21 pm

Sounds like a lovely day. We are meeting Sinead to look round powerscourt on the 11th and i am extra keen after reading your report on how good it all was.

Becky x

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