10 Amazing Floral Ideas To Make A Statement!

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10 Amazing Floral Ideas To Make A Statement!

Go big or go home, right?! We are huge lovers of a statement floral moment at weddings. From overhead arches brimming with blooms, to foliage pew ends that cascade down the aisle, we love them all. Today we have ten beautiful floral ideas that will make a statement at your wedding ceremony, get ready to be inspired and don’t forget we have an amazing selection of recommended florists across Ireland – discover them here. 

Get set for all the floral fancies… 

  1. Beautiful and elegant stone effect plinths with cascading floral arrangements.

2. Luxurious, flower filled unity candle arrangement.

3. Overhead floral arch around the door.

4. Pretty florals on metal arch to mark the ceremony.

5. Majestic urns filled with vibrant flowers.

6. Lush floral pillar to mark entrance.

7. Beautiful tall mantle arrangement.

8. Decadent foliage pew ends draping down the aisle.

10 Amazing Floral Ideas To Make A Statement!

Flowers From The Secret Garden (Image by Awake and Dreaming)

9. Arrangements on different heights add drama and elegance.

10. Cascading florals down a staircase makes a huge impact!