The success of a wedding doesn’t depend on every detail going according to plan, but good organisation and attention to detail can prevent some of those pesky mishaps. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes we see couples make when planning their wedding, in the hopes of keeping you stress free on your big day!

1. Losing weight after the final fitting

Lose all the weight you want in the months before your wedding, but after your last dress fitting you need to maintain whatever weight you’re at. Nothing is worse than picking up your dress the day before your wedding and realising you’ve lost a whole dress size. Also, keep in mind that most brides lose a couple pounds in the weeks before the Big Day because of stress, so do your best to make sure you’re staying healthy and eating proper meals.

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2. Not delegating

As the wedding day approaches and the to-do list grows, delegation becomes key to both your sanity and your wedding. It’s simply not possible for you to do everything yourself. All the big decisions have been made, now is the time to bring in support to help you carry everything out. Your goal should be when the wedding day arrives you have nothing to worry about, because everyone knows their responsibilities, where they need to be and at what time. You will be stressed enough as it is and you don’t need to be worrying about who is collecting the tuxes!

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3. Going over budget

You worked hard to come up with your wedding budget, so don’t throw it out the window at the first sign of something new and shiny. When you are making your itemized list of expenses make sure to factor in the small, miscellaneous things like postage and gifts for your bridal party. Obviously, you will have unexpected costs and might want to change some of your original plans, but always try to sacrifice something else instead of spending more. It’s also quite possible you underestimated how much things would cost; in this case, you may need to rethink your venue, guest list or honeymoon, and if you still need more raise your budget as a last resort.

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Photo from Fionnuala & Ciaran’s real wedding by Kathy Silke Photography

4. Not being realistic about your guest list

The guest list should be one of the first things you do after you get engaged. It determines your venue, your budget and what type of wedding you will have. Without careful planning, the guest list can also turn into your biggest wedding dilemma. Everyone from your parents, siblings, colleagues and even OH will want something different, and it will be up to you and your fiancé(e) to keep a cap on things. We suggest giving each set of parents a certain number of invites from the beginning so there isn’t any miscommunication. It’s also a good idea to overestimate who you think will come and add a couple extra onto the final number for good measure.  Be honest and realistic about your numbers, once you have the number stick to it!

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5. Forgetting your partner

This is an obvious one, but one that most couples deal with at some point in their plans… your wedding involves two people! Make sure your partner feels involved and important. He/she may not care about what flowers you choose, but they might care about the band or which friends are invited. So keep your OH in the loop.

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6. Starting hair and make-up too late

We know it’s tradition for the bride to be late, but don’t make your guests wait even longer because you’re not ready. Check with your hair stylist and make-up artist how long hair and make-up will take and plan accordingly. Make sure to factor in bridesmaids, mothers and anyone else who may want their hair and make-up done, and don’t schedule yourself last.

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7. Not hiring professionals

Thinking that having friends do jobs that professionals usually do is a good idea, is an easy trap to fall into. It sounds pretty appealing to save a couple hundred euro by asking your second cousin to DJ instead of a professional. But just because second cousin Harry owns an iPod doesn’t mean he knows the first thing about DJing or keeping a party going, it’s not worth the risk! We see so many couples who are devastated after their wedding day because they didn’t hire a good photographer or thought they could order their dress from eBay. Your peace of mind is worth the extra money, trust us!

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Photo from Julie & Scott’s real wedding by The Fennells

8. Skipping the rehearsal

Save your guests, the uncomfortable silences caused by technical problems or delays by making sure everyone involved in your wedding ceremony knows exactly what they are doing! It may not seem like a complicated thing, but coordinating a wedding ceremony is not easy. It’s important that you hold a rehearsal where all musicians, readers, bridal party members and sound technicians are present. Go through the entire thing from start to finish and make sure everyone knows their cues.

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9. Lack of personality

Try to add details and touches that will make your wedding personal and unique. This doesn’t have to be costly or take a lot of time. Giving your wedding personality can be as simple as fun table names or writing notes to your guests as favours. Think about some of the things that define you and your partner and bring those to your Big Day!

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Photo from Maeve & Dylan’s real wedding by Tomasz Kornas

10. Losing perspective

Somewhere between saying ‘yes’ and ‘I do’, the temptation to lose all perspective gets the best of many couples. Your wedding day is important, it is a day you won’t forget and it is worth the time and attention you are giving it, but make sure you are not forcing your friends and family to make it the most important day in their life too. The best way to keep perspective is by remembering what the wedding day is all about. You and the person you love most celebrating a lifetime commitment with your nearest and dearest, pure and simple.

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Main photo by Darek Novak

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