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10 Lovely Ways to Involve Your Mates in Your Wedding

When it comes to picking your bridal party, there’s lots of reasons you might want to keep it on the small side from budget to keeping the numbers even so not all your closest friends might end up being bridesmaids. But just because they don’t have the title, doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the day or get involved. Of course, some friends might not have time etc. (bridesmaids included) but others might be only too glad to help out and give you a hand with any wedding prep! If you are looking to include some mates in your wedding (both the lead up and the Big Day itself), we’ve got 10 lovely ideas below…

1. The Celebrations

Photo via Kate Spade

Your friends will be only too happy to lift a glass of bubbly to toast your amazing news! If an engagement party is not your thing, have a few of the girls around for a bottle of bubbly so you can enjoy some wedding chat and get excited for the fun ahead.

2. Pin Pals

Get your mates to tag you on the likes of Facebook and Instagram about articles that could be of interest or they can send you on pins they think you’ll like (Pinterest have secret boards FYI – so share one with your friends if you’re looking to get ideas)! Or if you’re looking for something in particular, ask your interiors loving buddy to keep an eye out for copper lanterns or your pal that works on Grafton Street to give you a heads up if she comes across a white dress for the hen. And if they’re married themselves, they might have some great supplier recommendations and suggestions that could come in handy so be sure to ask their opinion as well!

3. Wedding Fair Fun

There are certain openings you might need the other half for but if they’re not in to it, dragging the hubby or wife along to something they’ve zero interest in will be no fun for either of you. There are some fab girly events out there you can rope your ladies in to instead where you can enjoy some quality time and indulge in a bit of wedding fun while you’re at it (if some of your friends are getting hitched themselves, they might be only too glad to join you or might like to go along for some champers and craic regardless!). From wedding fairs to sample sales, there are lots of events that might be a great day out for you and the girls. Check out some upcoming events here.

4. A DIY Sesh

Photo via Roots Canada

Wedding planning can be full on so if you’ve some obliging helpers, definitely take them up on any offer of help! Got a load of ceremony booklets to tie together? Or signs that need to be made? If you’ve got some crafty mates, it could be fun to have some DIY sessions over a couple of glasses of vino. You guys can enjoy the chats and a few drinks plus you get help with a fun project. If you’re allergic to DIY stuff, get them to help you put together a fun playlist for the wedding morning or day after instead!

5. Shopping Expeditions

Okay, so you might not want an entourage when you’re going dress shopping but things like accessories, shoes and even decor (trip to IKEA anyone?) can be fun little outings your friends might like to tag along to.

6. Pre-Wedding Pampering

Photo by Heidi Lau via Style Me Pretty

The hen is the perfect chance to get all your girls together and have an amazing night out (check out these awesome temporary tats in the opening pic btw – perfect hen party material)! But if you’ve a group of friends you’re particularly close to, have a bit of pre-wedding pampering like going to get your nails done. If they’re not in the bridal party but live close by, why not ask them to pop by for a ‘first look’ on the wedding morning and grab a snap of you all in all your finery!

7. The Readings

Not everyone can be in your bridal party but if you’re looking to include special friends in your day, the ceremony is a great way to go about it. Readings, prayers, poems – save them for the special ladies (and special guys) in your life so that they feel like an important part of your day.

8. Cute Corsages All Round

Photo by Jodi Miller via Style  Me Pretty

Another gorgeous way to make a fuss of your girls is to give corsages to those closest to you. They don’t have to be in the bridal party – leave out some pretty posies for them to don that morning so they feel even part of the wedding day fun (same applies to the lads – have some extra boutonnieres made up for any mates of the groom that can’t be in the bridal party for whatever reason).

9. The Pics

Your wedding is such a special day and it’s a chance to grab some great photos of you and different groups of friends. The photographer will often ask you if there are certain shots you want so make sure to let him or her know in advance so you can round up the gang and get a gorgeous photo (particularly as everyone is spruced up). It will be a fab keepsake for you all to have afterwards (pop a copy in with thank you cards as a lovely surprise!).

10. Dancing Buddies

Photo from Tara & Fionan’s real wedding by DKPHOTO

Make sure you save a couple of dances for your ladies! If you guys have a song that you love, make sure to let the DJ know and round up the troops once you hear it.

Main photo: Temporary Tattoos by Daydream Prints

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