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10 of Our Fave Games For Your Wedding Reception

We love seeing couples find creative ways to entertain their guests. If you’re looking to add something unique and fun for those who don’t intend the spend the whole night dancing, we’ve got some ideas for you! Whether you’re after some games to get each table mingling or quirky ways for guests to get to know you better, there’s something here for everyone. Take a peek at our epic list of games for your wedding reception…


Lawn games

If you’re looking for fun games for your wedding reception, why not consider lawn games? This is particularly fun if you’re having an outdoor celebration or a large gap of time between the ceremony and reception. We’re thinking Rounders, Croquet, giant versions of Jenga, Pick-Up Sticks or Draughts, Vintage Skittles and Swing Ball.

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Doughnut Bobbing

It’s sticky but so tasty. Tie doughnuts on a string and hang them from a tree. Guests have to keep their hands behind their backs while trying to retrieve (and eat) the doughnut.

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Wheel of Fun

Make your wedding stand out by creating a giant Wheel of Fun and having it on display. Add activities like “Show us your dance moves”, “Hug a stranger” or “Pick a couple to kiss”.

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Word Search

This is particularly appropriate for couples who love words, puzzles and books! Use a large chalkboard with permanent paint or create smaller, printed versions of the word search. Include names of guests, locations you’ve travelled to as a couple or details about yourselves.



Board Games

Have a basket of board games, ready for guests to play. A board game station is a fabulous idea for guests who have tired feet. We recommend games that are easy to learn fast or games that most people already know.

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Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items you’ve hidden around the room (keep them in line with your wedding theme) for guests to find. You could ask them to take photos of the items and the first table to complete the task wins!



The Shoe Game

In The Shoe Game, the couple sits back to back, each holding a shoe of their own and one from their partner. Guests get to write out questions, where the answer has to be one of the couple. Things like: “Who is the better driver?” or “Who does the dishes most often?”. Get your Best Man or MC to ask the questions. The couple will answer by holding up the shoe that correlates with their answer. They’re sitting back to back so it makes it extra fun that everybody else can see their answers!

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Speech Bingo

Nothing will keep your guests focused during speeches than Speech Bingo. Create a series of common speech phrases and if your guests are listening intently, they can tick them off as they hear them. First to shout ‘Bingo’ wins.



Date Ideas

Have a book or a set of cards, where guests can write out fun date ideas. You’d be surprised at how many creative ideas you’ll get from other couples!



Song and Dance

Name your tables after popular songs. When the song is played that table has to get up on the dance floor and show off their moves!


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