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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing that Contract

Over here at weddingsonline, we believe that weddings are always a great reason to celebrate. What better way to do that than by having everyone you know and love on the dance floor with you! Something we hear a lot in our Facebook group, Help! I’m Getting Married, is “Does anybody have any recommendations for good bands and DJs for my wedding?“. We all know how important it is to find the right entertainment for your wedding, which is why this question comes up so often.

Great recommendations for wedding DJs – and our amazing supplier listing – can be incredibly helpful for couples looking for wedding day entertainment that suits their style. To make sure you’ve found a wedding DJ that ticks all the boxes, we chatted to DJ Stevie Dee, who has given us a list of 10 questions you should ask a wedding DJ before signing that contract.

How long have you been a DJ and have you experience in DJing at weddings?

This is a really important question because a good wedding DJ is one that has experience DJing at weddings specifically. No two weddings are the same, but there are some significant differences between a wedding and a milestone birthday celebration.

Have you any testimonials to back this up?

Nothing beats word of mouth! Have a look at testimonials from real couples who had your wedding DJ at their wedding and you’ll know if you’ve got a winner.

Do you interact with the crowd and take requests? 

Some DJs don’t do this, so it’s worth asking if requests are allowed. Your wedding DJ will be there to entertain your guests and make sure they are having an incredible time, so make sure that’s a top priority.

Do you have your own equipment, sound, and lights?

Don’t make any assumptions about who will bring the sound equipment and lights. It’s always good to check with your wedding DJ if the fee you are paying includes the use of all the required equipment.

Are you covered with insurance? 

Most wedding DJs aren’t covered by insurance, but the professional ones should be!

If I book you, will it be you who turns up, or will you send someone else?

Finding the right wedding DJ who just understands you and your taste in music is really important. It’s definitely worth finding out if the person you are corresponding with is the one who will show up at your wedding.

Do you have a set list that you play?

It’s really important to have a wedding DJ who is able to read the crowd and adjust the set list, depending on who is on the dance floor and which songs are generating the most excitement from your guests. Being able to see a list of some of your wedding DJ’s most played songs will give you an idea of the style you can expect on your wedding day.

If you are playing after the band, when will you be ready to start?

Some DJs set up after the band is finished. This often leaves a very large gap of time where there is no music or entertainment taking place.

What happens if you can’t do my wedding? Do you have a backup plan?

The answer to this question should be one that gives you peace of mind. Knowing that no matter what happens, you will have a DJ at your wedding is comforting.

How do I confirm you, and do you need a deposit?

Knowing how to make your booking official is a very practical question, but it’s worth asking.

Main image credit: Darren Byrne Photography and Film from A Stylish Bridge House Hotel Wedding

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