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10 Sweet Thank You Card Ideas

When the wedding has been and gone, it’s the little things like sending out ‘Thank You’ cards that you’ll have to look forward to. Not only is it a nice way to reminisce about the wedding but after all the gifts, well wishes and love you received from family and friends on the big day, it can be nice to acknowledge it and send everyone a simple ‘Thank You’.

Some couples will have thought about ‘Thank You’ cards well before the big day and may have talked to their stationer about including it in their package to match their invites, menu etc. But if you haven’t thought that far ahead, don’t worry – chat to your stationery supplier afterwards, they may be able to whip something up similar to your invite style. If you’re not keen on matchy-matchy, there are lots of other options from photographs of you and your OH to simple and sweet illustrations to sum up this new happy stage.

Image courtesy of Elle Stationery (Above)

If you’re a fan of Letterpress you will be in stationery heaven scrolling through Elle Stationery‘s couture collection. They print the old-fashioned way using iron letterpresses, mixed inks and luxurious cotton paper so if you want to say a special thank you, this could be the perfect way.


Image via Ruby May Design – Etsy

This handy downloadable PDF means you can purchase the file online and print it straight from your computer! Perfect for anyone who had a festival style shindig, loves their chalk paint or is just after something quirky and fun.


Stationery Suite by Kerry Harvey

Here’s a prime example of a stationery suite with all the trimmings – this particular suite is by Kerry Harvey but you can order a bespoke piece from Kerry’s store (she has a really cute photo postcard style too).


Card by Steph’s Personalised Cards

Lots of couples opt for the personal touch for their thank you cards – a special moment from the big day as a little reminder. Steph’s Personalised Cards is the creative behind this particular card and has lots of other options for couples looking to work a picture from their big day in to their ‘Thank You’ card.


Card by Grey Snail Press – Etsy

This cutsey card which uses two intertwining hearts with thank you woven in to them is simple yet so effective.


Card by The Invite Inn

Whimsical and oh-so-sweet, this adorable pair is sure to get lots of aww’s from anyone who receives it through their letterbox and it is just one of the many cards you can buy off the shelf from The Invite Inn. If you’re a fan of all things past, they also have an adorable Telegram inspired ‘Thank You’ card (see it here).


Card by The Parlour Press

If you’re after a fun, low fuss way to say thanks, you might like to send out a thank you postcard.  This version by The Parlour Press has a fab border, the couples names scrawled on the back, as well as gorgeous image from their wedding so that people have a little memory from the day.


Card by Appleberry Press

Appleberry Press have tons of gorgeous ‘Thank You’ samples to suit various themes, seasons and styles. We love the simplicity on this particular card with its pop of colour – fresh, pretty and with the date and couples name in the bottom corner as a nod to the big day itself.


Card by Dean Penn – Etsy

We love simple and fun illustrative styles and this cute just married car with you and your hubby/wife’s names in the rear window is the business!


Image by Louisa Podlich via Intimate Weddings

Lots of creative couples are coming up with their own personal way of saying thanks. Often it’s something they factor in before the big day and bring a prop along to their wedding which they get the photographer to snap. We love this book idea but you can use everything from hand held bunting, a simple chalk board spelling out your thanks or even  a message on your getaway car.

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