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10 Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout

Looking to avoid wedding planning burnout? Follow these trusty tips!

1. Get organised

Wedding planning can take up a huge chunk of your free time. If you want to get off to the right start, make sure you’re organised. Lists will be your saving grace time and time again so invest in a fab wedding planning notebook (like this one from Irish company to help keep track of all your thoughts, tasks and constant lists and any other appointments or contact info you’ll need. It means you can have a quick flick through to remind yourself where you’re at with your planning (check out this handy planning checklist too). Less stress!

2. Take breaks

It’s like anything, if you overdo it, it will loose its sparkle fast. Same goes for wedding planning. If you live and breathe it day in day out, you’ll burn out fast. It’s best to give yourself nights off. Make sure to pencil in other fun stuff like a cinema date with the OH, walks with your ladies where you catch up on all the other goings on or chill out with a book. You’ll enjoy your planning sessions way more if it’s not all you do!

3. Avoid constant wedding talk

Sames goes for wedding chat. Your partner and your mates will get fed up pronto if every conversation starts with ‘the wedding’. Life goes on after the wedding so make sure to check in with friends about their lives too!

4. Get friends involved

Photo from Emer & Cian’s real wedding by Paul Duane Photography

If you fancy taking on some DIY, we think it could be fun to get the girls on board and have a bit of a monthly DIY sesh. Pop open a bottle of vino, stick on some tunes and rope in the girls to make it all the more fun whether you’re tying mass booklets together, perfecting your confetti cones or gluing ribbon to mason jars!

5. Have fun days out

Turn your wedding tasks in to fun milestones! You’ll have lots of wedding outings on your agenda from tastings to dress shopping so make them in to a bit of a fun day out by working in a lunch, cocktails or some pampering.

6. Step away from Instagram/Pinterest

It can be overwhelming constantly seeing weddings planned to utter perfection when you can’t even decide on your wedding colours. As gorgeous and inspiring as they are, take some breathers from the likes of Pinterest and Instagram as you may feel swamped by all the inspo.

7. Share the responsibilities

Photo from Danielle & Sean’s real wedding by ATL Photography

Delegation is often the key to your wedding planning sanity! There are two people planning this wedding – you and your partner so make sure to divvy up the tasks so that you both share the responsibility. You might also find you mum or the in-laws want to help too so if you’re happy to save some time, get them involved as well. It can be frustrating if you feel like you’re a one woman/man planning machine which in turn can cause arguments so dividing up jobs from the get-go will help knock this on the head.

8. Don’t get bogged down by others

Everyone has an idea of what a wedding should be. But ultimately, it’s you and your soon to be hubby or wife’s decision how you spend your day. There’s no set formula for weddings these days – it’s all about following your own heart so stick to your guns regardless of the opinions you hear along the way. You’ll never please everyone whether you go black tie or BBQ.

9. Enlist the help of a pro

If you still feel this wedding planning business is all too much, worry not, there are plenty of pros that can step in and help. Whether you’re after a wedding planner, someone to assist with your table plan (What’s the and Table Plan Designs are two great companies that have some amazing options) or a stylist to nail the decor side of things and source some props, you’ll find there’s some brilliant help to hand if you need it.

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10. Remember why you’re getting married in the first place

Photo from Lorna & Andrew’s real wedding by Mark Donovan Photography

When it all gets a bit too much, take a step back and remember why you’re planning up a storm. As great as it is throwing this perfectly coordinated party, don’t forget the real reason you guys are doing it – because you want to marry the love of your life. Your wedding is a big celebration of this and finding the perfect favours won’t change that.

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