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11 Handy Wedding Planning Tips from Newlyweds

Planning a wedding can be SO much fun but it can be stressful business too, from budgets to guest lists and all the tasks on the to-do list in between! Lots of wedding couples have come up against the same challenges and dilemmas you’ll face along the way and have come out on the other side with a gorgeous new ring and tales from one of the happiest days of their life!

They’ve also picked up some handy tips too. So today, we’re sharing some words of wisdom from newlyweds to help you on your own planning journey…

Do It Your Way

Do a budget and stick to it. Make a list of the must haves and bits that are super important to you on your day and spend the money on that. The rest is just filler. Also remember it is YOUR day. Do what you want YOUR way!!! – Yasmina & Patrick

Stress Less

If something small is causing you too much stress during the planning, just leave it. It’s only you that’s going to notice it’s not there. I had a very particular image for favour boxes in my head, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING affordable that met my ridiculous bridezilla standards. I honestly just had to get over myself, and I haven’t regretted it once since. I saved myself money and stress. Also, don’t put so much stress on yourself for things to match perfectly. – Nicole & Peter

Have Wedding Free Days

Relax! It’ll all get done. It’s nice to get some little bits out of the way early but engagements can last a very long time so try not to spend every free moment on Pinterest looking up extra details. Make sure to have some wedding free days in between all the planning. – Roisin & Richie

Remember Why You’re Doing It

If you are getting stressed about the event just bring your thoughts back to what it’s all really about – you and your fiancé celebrating your love and commitment to one another. It’s easy to get caught up in taking care of other people and making sure you get to see everyone but it’s important to have some time alone together so if you set some private time into your schedule it makes the day even more amazing.

Lastly, one piece of advice we got from a wedding co-ordinator was that the bride and groom set the tone for the day and I think she was right.  If as a couple are relaxed and enjoying yourself everyone tends to follow suit. – Mairéad and Jonathan

Trust in Your Suppliers

Enjoy it all, don’t stress and trust in your suppliers and venue as it all comes together on the day. – Danielle & Sean

Capture Your Day

Capture your day. Make sure to get a good photographer and videographer because you don’t get a chance to take it all in. At least you can look back and have memories. – Lorna & David

Enjoy the Build Up

Try to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding. They are just as important. You will never get that time again with your loved ones. Don’t worry about tiny details, sit back, relax and remember every moment of your special day. – Donal & Kerry

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. Plan your wedding around the two of you. It can be so easy to get caught up in wondering what everyone else would like that you can sometimes lose sight of what you actually want. You will never get your day again and it would be a shame to not have it perfect for you for fear of not pleasing others. – Aaron & Roxanne

Be on Time

Be on time for the wedding, you appreciate the extra 20 minutes during the drinks reception. And wear flats if you can! It makes taking the photographs and moving around so much easier! – Sarah & Robert

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t sweat the small stuff, the medium stuff or even the big stuff. This is the biggest party you are ever going to throw – so make sure you don’t miss any part of it. Make sure your plan for the day allows you have the time to actually attend your own wedding and spend time with all the people who wanted to be there. – Emma & Tommy

Best Day Ever

Take some time out during the day just to be alone with each other. We went for a walk and a coffee, by far the most memorable part of our day. Also during the meal, take a few minutes just to sit back and watch everyone mingle, it’s so nice to see all those people there for the two of you!

If someone could have told me how happy we would have been on the day, we wouldn’t have spent a single minute worrying about anything in the days leading up! The day itself will be the most amazing day of your life. You’ll both be so happy and just on cloud 9 all day. You don’t think of the little things, you’re just floating through the day with a smile on your face. – Katie & Gerard

Photo from Lorna & David’s real wedding by Paul Duane Photography

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