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12 Sweet Proposal Stories from Our Real Wedding Couples

The festive season is just around the corner and with this happy time comes a flurry of fab engagements and proposal stories that will tug at the heartstrings! We love a good love story here at weddingsonline and we come across plenty of them every week in our real wedding section, so today we’ve rounded up a selection of these gorgeous proposal stories to celebrate engagement season. From surprise scrapbooks to romantic getaways, check out these 12 beautiful tales…

Caroline & Michael

Our proposal… Michael took me totally by surprise and proposed to me in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle in May 2016. He had put a huge amount of thought and effort into preparing a scrapbook for the occasion and I was so shocked I said ‘Thanks’ instead of ‘Yes’ when he asked me to marry him!! He had arranged for us to go to Antwerp the following day to get my engagement ring. It was really amazing.

See Caroline & Michael’s Fab Foodie BrookLodge Wedding by Konrad Kubic Photography

Pip & Kevin

Our proposal… I brought Pip back to a location where we had taken a selfie 6 years previous during our first official week together, I had flown down to Canberra in the ACT to see her, where she was at the AIS doing some intense rowing training after competing on the Australian team in the world championships in Prague. Oddly enough, we are currently living in Canberra so it was a handy place to do it. It was in a kind of outdoor hallway feature in a garden on the lake. I had counted the number of joints in the wall so I knew exactly where to stop and pop the question, then got a second selfie in the exact same spot…but this time with the ring on!

See Pip & Kevin’s Sweet Summerhill House Wedding by Konrad Kubic Photography

Shane & Caroline

Our proposal… In March of 2016 we travelled to New York to celebrate my birthday. While there we took a trip to Central Park. I love the movie 27 Dresses and Shane arranged for me to have lunch in the boathouse featured in the movie. Following this we took a boat out to the lake. Shane rowed under the bridge where a musician was playing the accordion. He placed the boat paddles behind him and got down on one knee. Other people on the bridge and in the boats saw this and came up to congratulate us. We lost track of time and floated far out on to the lake so after the nerves and excitement of the proposal, Shane had to row us back in.

See Shane & Caroline’s Romantic Cliff at Lyons Wedding by M&M Photography

Mairead & Oilver

Our proposal… We had just bought our house and as a treat, Ollie told me he had bought tickets for a show that was on in the 3 Arena. We decided we would make a day of it and booked dinner and headed into town early. We decided we would go into the Westbury for a coffee. As we were about to leave, Ollie asked me to double check the tickets in an envelope. When I opened the envelope, I saw tickets which Ollie had designed with significant dates and in the middle of the ticket was ‘Will You Marry Me?’ When I looked up Ollie was down one one knee with a beautiful token ring. I was so shocked!! Ollie escorted me up to a beautiful suite where he told me we had an appointment in Appleby Jewellers (where my mum and sister had got their engagement rings too).

After picking the most beautiful engagement ring, we went over to a church across the road to have our ring blessed (something my parents had done too). Ollie had also arranged a few nights in the Monart for us to celebrate, just the two of us, before heading home to celebrate with family and friends. For me it was the most amazing proposal and engagement I could have ever imagined. The thought that Ollie put into it was just unbelievable and something I will never forget.

See Mairead & Ollie’s Magnificent Kilronan Castle Wedding by Memories Photography by Magda

Aimee & Joseph

Our proposal… On what I thought was a normal Wednesday evening after work, Joe got down on one knee with my Mum’s eternity ring and left me speechless giving me only 40 minutes to take in what had happened, drink a celebratory bottle of wine and pack a suitcase for a trip to Disneyland Paris (I am a big child) and then to Antwerp to choose the proper ring!! (I ended up packing 7 t-shirts and no jeans or jumpers and every hair straightener/curler I own but no adapters!!) It was such a lovely surprise and so much thought and planning had gone into it – even requesting the time off work for me – I still don’t know how I didn’t suspect anything!!

See Aimee & Joseph’s Fab Tinakilly Country House Wedding by David Maury Photography

Louise & Brendan

Our proposal… was on Christmas Eve 2015. I had been out doing some last minute shopping and when I returned home, Brendan met me at the door. Everything seemed normal until I went into the living room to find it covered in candles, a huge bunch of flowers, champagne and a Christmas cake with candles spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me’. Brendan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, he then called in our little dog Woody who came running in with the ring tied with a bow around his neck. Brendan had called out to my parents’ house earlier that week to have the chat with Dad, so of course my Mam and Dad were waiting impatiently in my Aunt’s house next door for us to call over with the news. Little did I know that my Aunt had been minding the ring for weeks beforehand and knew all about it.

See Louise & Brendan’s Romantic Millhouse Wedding by Jialin Long Photography

Nikola & Gary

Our proposal… For my 30th birthday Gary surprised me with a trip to Paris for the following January, a place I have always wanted to go with Gary. I had no idea of his plan to propose, Gary was a first time business owner of a gym, so his focus was purely on that, or so I thought. Anyway we flew to Paris on Friday 28th of January 2016, Gary was acting a bit funny, quite distracted really and I just thought he didn’t want to be going away because of his work load. That evening we went to Montmartre, a place I really wanted to visit, I had read about the cobble streets and cafes and just thought it sounded beautiful. We went up to the Sacrè Coeur and looked out over Paris from its highest point, Gary wanted to propose there but the wind and the rain got in his way. We went into the Basilica to shelter, Gary found a little alcove in this Silent church, which really helped his Love Actually (my favourite movie) style proposal. I turned around, Gary was down on one knee with his A5 sheets of card, I knew instantly what was happening so the tears came, one by one he removed the cards on which he had wrote some lovely things with the last one reading “Will you marry me”??

See Nikola & Gary’s Fun Kippure Estate Wedding by Zi Fernandes Photography

Damien & Chereen

Our proposal… we went for a drive to Howth, our favourite place. We drove to the summit where we chatted and Damien proposed!! He got out in the rain and got on one knee in a big puddle!

See Damien & Chereen’s Delightful Druids Glen Wedding by Couple Photography

Fiona & Michael

Our proposal… was at home a day after my 28th birthday so I was really caught off guard. I was just home from a TRX class and was a sweaty mess! Mick had “will you marry me?” spelt out on cupcakes. We went ring shopping the next day.

See Fiona & Michael’s Fabulous Rathsallagh House Wedding by Limelight Wedding Films

Jessica & Barry

Our proposal… was so perfect to me, it captured our relationship in a nutshell. I won’t go in to too much detail but it consisted of a trail of Post-it notes when I arrived home from work, which eventually led me to Brittas Bay where we had our first date and Barry was there waiting for me on bended knee.

See Jessica & Barry’s Charming Clonabreany Wedding by Kevin Morris Photography

Jennie & Kevin

Our proposal… Kevin proposed on Christmas morning 2015, I ruined his big moment by asking him where my ring was! (Long running joke after 12 years!) I never actually expected that he had one, to my complete shock he replied “Do you want one?” before I knew it I had a ring on my finger… It was lovely for it to happen in front of our three daughters. It was very intimate and the best Christmas present for all of us.

See Jennie & Kevin’s Fabulous Family Celebration at Ballymagarvey Village by Paul Duane Photography

Amy & Ger

Our proposal… Came four weeks after Ger was told he was in remission after surgery for cancer. Times like that make you release how precious life is. Ger booked us a weekend to Seafield Hotel in Gorey in the depths of winter, walked me the beach and fell to his knees with a sparkler in hand!

See Amy & Ger’s Christmas Wedding at Palmerstown House by Konrad Kubic

Main photo from Emily & David’s real wedding by DKPHOTO

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