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12 Sweet Wedding Cake Trends you’ll Love in 2015

top wedding cake trends 2015 ireland

Right, you may have noticed by now pretty much all of us at weddingsonline have a sweet tooth. There, we admitted it. Now let’s move on and talk wedding cakes! As we’ve mentioned before the wedding cake has moved out from the shadows to become the centrepiece of the wedding reception and no longer does it just matter about taste, but the style of your wedding cake matters too! For those who can’t say no to a sugar rush, choosing a wedding cake can be one of the highlights of planning the Big Day – honestly, when else are you going to have more than one evening of tasting the most delectable desserts on the market? Can you say dream come true?! After you’ve chosen your filling however comes the tricky part – just how do you want to present this decadent treat? Will it be cascading with confetti? Or bursting with winter berries? How about glistening in gold leaf? Or as naked as the day it was born?

Wedding Cake Trends 2015

The sweetest of the wedding cake trends 2015 include stripped down cakes (‘naked layers’ below), berry garnishes, ‘word’ cake toppers, and rustic ‘tree trunk’ style cake stands but there are many more trends to get your teeth around as you’ll see below. For less traditional brides, there are plenty of alternative sweets to make you drool, from doughnut mountains to cheese wheels to mini apple pies, literally anything goes as long as it tastes good! Check out our faves for ’15 below.

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naked non iced wedding cake trends 2015

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #1 – Naked Layers

Going naked with your cake has become one of the most popular choices for couples in 2014, and these stripped down sweets are going nowhere in 2015. We love the elegant, rustic effect these deliciously dusted cakes give off and think they’re perfect for a modern, outdoor affair. Un-iced cakes look particularly great when garnished with a variety of berries or, for a more colourful couple, there’s always the option of the funfetti wedding cake!

Left: Kaleb Norman James Design | Right: Cove Cake Design, Dublin

pancake stack wedding cake  trends 2015

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #2 – Pancake Party

Breakfast for dessert? Who can say no to a big stack of fabulous, fluffy pancakes at any time of day? Not us anyway, and when you see what they can fashion from flour, eggs and milk these days you might say yes to letting them take centre stage at your dessert table. Pop yours on a pretty cake stand, drizzle with syrup or dust with sugar and pop on a pretty cake topper and you’ve a no-fuss wedding cake that will get your guests tongues wagging (and tingling!) While this cake might be purely decorative, you could expand your ideas by having a crepe station for after dinner – check out for more inspiration!

Left: Rodeo & Co. Photography| Right: Mollie Tobias Photography

gold leaf embellished modern wedding cake  trends 2015

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #3  – Glam Gold Leaf

Surely a sweet for the spotlight – the glamorous gold leaf embellished wedding cake is one of our favourite wedding trends from the last few years and these two gorgeous gilded fancies from Cove Cake Design in Dublin are great examples of how to do it perfectly. Although they’re perfect for any season, metallic wedding cakes work particularly well at autumn/winter weddings as they give off such a warm festive feel. A splatter of gold leaf makes the most simple sweet look a million dollars – it’s definitely one to strongly consider for your 2015 wedding.

Left: Cove Cake Design, Dublin | Right: Cove Cake Design, Dublin

cascading waterfall confetti metallic wedding cake

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #4 – Confetti Waterfall

One of the latest trends in wedding cakes is a cascading confetti detail, which looks perfectly polished but also gives off a whimsical feel. We love this style when mixed with metallics (bronze being top of our list of faves!) and set on a simple cake stand. Toppers for these cakes include anything from simple word style cake toppers to festive figurines (as seen here) to confetti filled martini glasses!

Left:  Rachel Peters Photography by City View Bakehouse | Right: Bobette & Belle

rustic blue berry wedding cake

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #5 – Very Berry

Our morning muffins wouldn’t be the same without an injection of fresh, beautiful blueberries and it seems that wedding cakes are getting in on the act too. The deep hues of winter berries look deliciously decadent when used to decorate a naked cake, while a single white tier can benefit from just a sprinkle of these sumptuous seeds on top. Fruits and berries give a real rustic feel to wedding cakes and photograph beautifully – we love the mixture of blueberries and figs on the naked cake on the right – one to consider for your big day?

Left: via | Right: photo by Sonya Khegay cake by Azale

macaron wedding cakes tower

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 #6 – Magical Macarons

These magnificent macaron towers by Kildare based French Wedding Cakes are the ideal alternative to the traditional three-tier wedding cakes. Chic, elegant and a little bit fun, the macaron cake is a focal point of every reception room it features in. Subtle shades are perfect for formal weddings but you could easily choose whimsical pastels for a summer affair or you could try a more punchy palette if it takes your fancy! This impressive sweet can also double as favours for guests – just supply some cute cake boxes and guests can help themselves (that’s if it’s still standing by home time!)

Left: French Wedding Cakes, Kildare | Right: French Wedding Cakes, Kildare

ombre ruffle wedding cakes

#7 – Pretty Ombre

Ombre was the trend of the year in 2013 and although it won’t be as popular for décor and dress for 2015, there is one place it’s prettifying and that’s the wedding cake. Purple works especially well with ombre, which you can see from this example of ombre ruffles from French Wedding Cakes (right) and the entire cake needs little else as embellishment.

Left: French Wedding Cakes, Kildare | Right: French Wedding Cakes, Kildare

ruffle icing wedding cakes

#8 – Romantic Ruffles

Oh goodness, is there anything more romantic and elegant than a ruffle iced wedding cake?! We think not. Ruffles add a light, feminine finish to traditional wedding cakes and look completely luxurious. Whether it comes as a full frill tower or is added as a feature (right) or as a skirt on the base (left) this frilly icing is a trend that’s here to stay.

Left: Cove Cake Design, Dublin | Right: Maggie Austin

oversized sugar flower wedding cakes

#9 – Statement Sugar Flowers

When it comes to sugar flowers for 2015 either go big or go home. Fresh flowers are still a big trend when it comes to wedding cakes but there’s something so endearing about these hand made edible blooms that just makes us feel all fluffy inside. The trick to this trend for 2015 is to make a statement – it’s simply all about oversized. Hey maybe you could even gushy one or two of these precious petals instead of the traditional bouquet toss? Stranger things have happened!

Left: Sweet Cherrie Cakes, Kildare | Right: via

silver winter wedding cakes

#10 – Silver Wonderland

Sometimes we feel like it’s all about gold when it comes to glamorous wedding cakes but as you can see from these two rather decadent desserts, silver is sliding its way to the top of the precious metals when it comes to wedding cakes. This is definitely one for the winter wedding, a wedding that’s all about an elegant, festive feel. We love the addition of silver dragée to Cannaboe Confectionery‘s fabulous three-tier cake on the right!

Right: Cannaboe Confectionery, Leitrim


#11 – Cute Cupcakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are serious crowd pleasers, there’s one for every one in the audience! Not only does each individual cupcake look painfully pretty, but the top tier means you can cut the cake trad style – and  everyone can eat it too! Cupcakes come in so many forms – you can have fun with them with printed slogans, monograms or even photos, or you can go for buttons and bows or simple whipped cream toppings. All that you have to remember is to have fun with this trend and make it your own.

Left: Butterbakes, Dublin | Right: Victoria’s Heavenly Cupcakes, Dublin


#12 – Simply Single

Keep it simple with a one-tier wedding cake for 2015. Yes it’s a little more economical than a seven tier (if you’re not planning to serve it to guests) but moreover it’s clean, modern and subtle and the perfect choice for couples who favour savoury to sweet! This type of cake is great if your preference is for a light sponge cake as layering fluffy sponge can be tricky sometimes! The best way to present these cakes and give them some depth is by presenting them on a pedestal stand – of which there are plenty of styles to choose from!

Left: via | Right: Butterbakes, Dublin

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