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13 Deadly Ways to Display Your Wedding Monogram

Monograms may sound a little stiff and old-fashioned but they can be a really fun way to personalise your day and can become your own little motif for your wedding. Essentially it’s made by overlapping or combining two or more letters to form one symbol, in most cases a person’s initials so for example if you’re having a monogram as a joint married couple it would be CSB (Carol, Smith, Brian) – the woman’s first name initial comes first, followed by the shared last name initial, and finally the man’s first initial. You can just use your first initials also, or have your own individual monograms made up too with just your own initials.

Lots of couples choose to create a custom monogram for their wedding so they can use it as a bit of a stamp for the day and pop it on everything from the invites and menus to favours and even their cake tiers! It’s a gorgeous way to personalise your day and make it all about you as a couple and can be as formal or as causal as you please. If you don’t fancy a full on monogram, you could always just pop your initials side by side (C & B) and use it as a type of monogram instead – check out some lovely ways to include your initials here. And if you do like the idea of some monogramming, take a peek at some of our favourite ways you can include them below!

1. Kickstart the Monogram Theme with your Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitation by 4 Love Polka Dots

2. Pop it on His Shirt Cuffs

Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

3. Or Cuff links

Photo via Every Last Detail

4. Add Your Monogram to Your Wedding Hangers

Photo by Lisa Dolan Photography via Style Me Pretty

5. Or To a Handkerchief and Use It as a Sweet Bouquet Tie

Photo by Em the Gem

6. Show It Off on Your Ceremony Booklets

Photo by Cristina G. Photography via Nico and Lala

7. Display It Loud and Proud on Your Wedding Signage

Photo by Lauren Peele via Style Me Pretty

8. Pretty Up Your Napkins

Photo by Heather Kincaid

9. And Add It To Your Drink Stirrers

Photo via Haymarket Designs

10. Get Creative with Your Cake Topper

Photo via Inscribed Monograms on Etsy

11. Or Your Wedding Tiers Themselves

Wedding Cake by French Wedding Cakes, Kildare

12. Pop it on Your Menu & Other Wedding Stationery

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Martha Stewart Weddings

13. Personalise Your Wedding Favours

Photo by Katie Stoops Photography

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