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16 Unexpected Wedding Costs to Add to Your Budget

Your wedding budget can be a scary thing and it can get even more terrifying as you go along with all sorts of random expenditure popping up! You know the biggies like venue, photographer, flowers etc. are going to set you back but it’s the little, fun stuff like some PJs for the wedding morning antics, the mani and pedi the week before and the alterations that will transform your dress that you may not have accounted for on the dreaded spreadsheet. So today we’ve got a gentle reminder of a few ‘hidden costs’ that might pop up along the way so you can start factoring them in so there’s no horrible surprises two weeks before the Big Day!

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Photo from Ruth & John’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

1. Alterations – Don’t underestimate how important alterations are. They’ll make all the difference to your beloved gown and will ensure it fits just right! But they won’t be included in the fee you’ve paid for your gúna unforch so make sure to put aside some cash as there’ll be a couple of fittings in that final month.

2. Travel – No we don’t mean the cars you’ll use on the Big Day, we’re talking about all the round trips you’ll take over your engagement journey! Yep, stopping by your venue several times a month when it’s an hour’s drive from your gaff will have you flying through the petrol and of course don’t forget travelling for fittings, trips for trials and the other jaunts you’ll be undertaking (they often come with celebratory cocktails or bridal party/planning brunches too btw). It’s all part of the planning fun but they can add up so be smart about how often you ‘pop out’ to the hotel.

3. Underwear – Underwear can be pricy even when you’re just picking up your daily best but when you add backless gowns and shape wear in to the mix, the euros start to multiply! Your wedding dress will need the proper undergarments to make sure it fits perfectly and looks the part, so this is one part of the budget you defo don’t want to scrimp on/forget.

Photo from Alex & Neil’s real wedding

4. Gifts – There’s a lot of people that have been by your side throughout the planning madness namely your parents, bros/sisters and your right hand ladies/gents – the bridal party. Wedding gifts have become a bit of a thing but of course are optional, and if you are going down this route, don’t forget to spare some budget for them. You’ll definitely want to present your parents and in-laws with something on the Big Day so make sure to leave enough in the kitty. P.S If you plan on getting creative when you pop the question to your ladies (guilty – we love it and have done it too!), FYI this another expense to add to the budget spend!

5. Dentist – If you want to make sure your smile is sparkling, a trip to the Dentist will definitely be on the cards in those last few weeks, possibly even a course of teeth-whitening treatments.

6. Getting ready attire – Yes, it’s a thing. Robes, PJS, hangers- we love them all and chances are you’ll defo want some of these sweet touches to make the morning that little bit more special. So if you are all for some of these cute trends, be sure to add them to the to-do list so you can divvy out some of the budget for them.

Photo from Thomas & Aimee’s real wedding by Kevin Morris Photography

7. Accommodation – If you’re getting married in another county, don’t forget you may well need accommodation the night before!

8. DIY projects – If you’re the crafty sort, DIY will be right up your street and while we’re all for it, materials can all add up verrry quickly from glue guns to reams of twine so make sure to do a few calculations before getting stuck in to a project. You don’t want to spend a fortune on supplies for a table plan you just forget about after a month.

9. Sending things back – Be careful what you buy online, return postage can be an added hassle not to mention the added funds, so don’t be popping a ton of stuff in to your virtual basket unless you’re sure you really want/need it!

Photo from Niamh & Jason’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

10. Stamps – Like bus fair, stamps are one of those annoying things that just keep going up and up and it’s only when your beloved invites return from the printers that this hidden cost hits home! To send a card anywhere in Ireland, you’re looking at a euro a pop so if you’re sending out 60 invites, that’s 60 quid, not small change in the grand scheme of wedding expenditure and a dwindling budget. Be sure to put aside funds to cover this one (and don’t forget the thank you cards will set you back afterwards as well).

11. Supplier meals – Certain suppliers like your photographer, videographer and planner will be by your side for the majority of the day and will definitely need feeding. While you’ve counted up all the guests, it can be easy to forget these extra heads so be sure to make a note of it on your planner.

12. Beauty Prep/Pampering – While you’ll defo have put aside budget for hair and makeup (and even trials – don’t forget these bad boys), it can be easy to forget the beauty prep. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of week with all manner of beauty goodies and treatments on the cards from manis and pedis to tanning, brows and possibly even tinting. You may even want to throw a massage in there as an extra treat to get you in the zone! It all adds up so make sure to get the calculator out and figure out what you’ll need to account for and factor it in. Let’s not forget any grooms out there that are indulging the week of with a fancy hot towel shave, a potential manicure and a snazzy new haircut.

Photo from Yvonne & Richard’s real wedding by Michelle Prunty

13. Corkage – If the hotel is supplying the vino, check if there’s a corkage fee so you know how much you’re dealing with. Same goes for the cake cutting and serving, this can be an additional charge so best check with your venue to see if there’s a fee for cutting and serving your tiers, it’s best to know in advance so you can factor it all in to the budget.

14. Day After Celebrations – We’re all for prolonging the wedding celebrations and love the idea of a Day 2 bash. But it doesn’t necessarily factor on the budget early on so make sure to keep some cash free if you’re planning to throw a two day affair.

15. Day After Outfit – And if it’s a yes to throwing a day two sesh, naturally enough you’ll want something gorgeous for the occasion and your trusty LBD ain’t gonna cut it. Don’t forget to add this to the to-do list as well and put aside some funds.

Photo by DKPHOTO

16. Vaccinations – If you’re jetting off somewhere fabulous and exotic after the Big Day, chances are you might need some vaccinations – again, which all add up. Do a bit of research beforehand so you know how much you need to set aside.

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