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20 of the Most Gorgeous Garters for Brides

The notion of wearing a wedding garter can seem a bit dated for some but if you like the idea of having something secret and special that just you (and your partner) will know about, a spot of garter shopping might just be up your street. There’s something quintessentially bridal about sporting a garter and for lots of brides, as it’s not something they parade about in every day, it can be a bit of fun to boot! It was once considered ‘lucky’ to don one for the Big Day but this tradition has long since evolved so it’s entirely up to you whether you add it to the shopping list.

If you’re looking for a sneaky way to don ‘something blue’ on the QT, a garter can be a really pretty way to go about it or if you want something simple and ivory, sparkly and fun or even something personalised (you can have your name printed or monogram embroidered on one), you’ll find some gorgeous options online too! Check out some of our favourite finds below…

Lilly Garter, €49.99 from The Lovely Little Label

Gypsy Luxe Garter, £40 from Elle & Cee

Personalised Monogram Garter, €51.04+ from Florrie Mitton

Haute Wedding Garter, $112 from The Garter Girl

Innocence Spot Tulle Garter, €64.97 from Florrie Mitton

Tania Maras Daphne Blue Lace Garter, $40 from Tania Maras

Creme de Nude Garter, £45 from Elle & Cee

Graceful Garter, $98 from The Garter Girl

All that Jazz Beaded Garter, €72.39 from Florrie Mitton

Bridal Garter ‘Jasmine’ Wedding, €23.78 from Mabelicious Bridal on NOTH

Glitterati Silk Tulle Garter, €85.38 from Florrie Mitton

Personalised Blue Lace Garter, €16.70 from Southern Ever After on Etsy

Alice Blue Garter, £36.50 from Elle & Cee

‘Initial’ And ‘I Do’ Personalised Bridal Garter, €39.98 from Mabelicious Bridal on NOTH

Starlet Garter, €68.68 from Florrie Mitton

Vintage White Garter, €20 from Wedding Belles Bridal Acsessories & Gifts

Blue Fancy Garter, $102 from The Garter Girl

Oh Baby Garter, £49.50 from Elle & Cee

Bridal Garter ‘Simply Lace’ Ivory Garter, €22.56 from Mabelicious Bridal on NOTH

Iris Garter, €38.99 from The Lovely Little Label

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