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21 Handy Wedding Tips & Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Wedding planning can be lots of fun but it can also be full on! The last couple of months in particular are pretty intense with the to-do list rapidly expanding and tasks a plenty BUT it doesn’t have to be mental – we’ve rounded some handy tricks for coupes looking to keep on top of things throughout the planning process – check out some nifty tips to ensure you’re on track below…

14 Tips for a Fun & Stress Free Wedding Morning

1. Set up a wedding email account – One of the first things to do once you’re engaged (after toasting morning, noon and night with champers obvs.) is set up an email address specifically for all your wedding related emails from suppliers (for example [email protected]). You’ll more than likely be setting one up once RSVP time rolls round so you can keep on top of who is attending but if you want to have all your wedding emails together so you can easily access them, it can be really handy to have a dedicated account right from the get go. Or if you’re keen to use your regular email, set up a little folder so you can save any wedding related stuff in there.

2. Buy stamps well in advance – Don’t let something as simple as stamps hold you back from sending out your invites – be well prepared and stock up on them the week before you plan to write them so you’re ready to go as soon as they arrive back from the printers. And when it comes to sealing them – avoid a papercut to the tongue (ouch) by using water and a brush.

3. Start collecting addresses – Same goes for addresses. All these little things take time so get on to your mam to round up all the aunts and uncles addresses or text mates to check apartment numbers so you’re good to go the minute you’ve filled in everyone’s names.

Photo from Niamh & Jason’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

4. Make RSVPing pain free – If you’re sending out RSVP cards, make sure to number or put tiny initials on the back of your cards. This will save you a ton of heartache if guests forget to fill in their name – you can just check your list to see whose card it is you’re holding instead of playing the guessing game. Or if you want to cut out extra paper and stamps, just have a dedicated email and mobile number where peeps can RSVP.

5. Keep track of spending – Create a spreadsheet with how much you’ve paid out, the remaining balance for each supplier and the date it is due to be paid so you can check at a glance how much you owe and when!

6. Create a spreadsheet for guests – Same goes for your guest list. Create a spreadsheet with everyone you’re inviting as well as a Yes/No column so you know who is coming and who to chase. It’s also really handy to add a column for gifts so you can keep track of who gave you what when you’re opening pressies – after 100 or so gifts, things may get a little blurry so this way you can personalise your thank you cards way easier.

7. Keep on top of bank stuff – Once the wedding day gets closer, there’ll be lots of bills to be paid so it’s a good idea to check how much you can transfer from your bank on any given day. The majority of suppliers will need to be paid around the same time so you’ll need to make sure you have enough funds available to transfer to the relevant supplier on the set day (or agree to do several transfers over a few days once you know your limit).

8. Arrange dress fittings in advance –  Evenings and weekend slots book up fast in bridal shops so if you’re limited to these type of appointments, make sure to book in for your final few fittings a good bit in advance so you get the times that suit you best.

Photo by The White Tree Photography via Boho Weddings

9. Sort supplier envelopes early – If you’re paying suppliers on the day with cash, sort the envelopes a few days beforehand so they’re all ready to go and clearly marked. Ask one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen to look after it on the day so you’re not worried about trying to nab the band or carting round an enveloped!

10. Wrap gifts and write cards in plenty of time – Same goes for any letters or cards you hope to write to your parents, maids or new hubby/wife – give yourself plenty of time to jot down how you’re feeling, it always takes way longer than you think.

11. Use a bobby pin for buttoning up the dress – There’s a good chance your wedding dress may well come with a train’s worth of fiddly buttons which your poor bridesmaid will have the job of looking after. Make her life easier and have a bobby pin to hand she can use to close the buttons on the back of the dress (hook the loop with the pin – it means no grubby fingers stain as well!)

12. Make a wedding morning timeline – The morning will fly by which is why a wedding morning timeline will help you keep you on track. Make it the week before the wedding so you and the ladies know what should be happening and when – include everything from brekkie and hair and make-up times (and who is going first) to when to don the dresses, a slot for photos and when you should be leaving for the ceremony!

Photo from Niamh & Jason’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

13. Get all your bridal essentials ready a few days in advance – The wedding morning is going to be busy so make sure you have everything you need ready to go (and in a safe place!) a few days beforehand from hangers for your dresses to underwear, getting ready robes, insoles and jewellery.

14. Leave out anything you want photographed – It’s also handy to have a little pile of stuff you want the photographer to take a snap of ready to go such as your wedding invite and map, any accessories you want a photo of or beautiful cards you received.

15. Make a playlist for the wedding morning – Have one of the maids put together a playlist of songs so you have some awesome background tunes when you’re getting ready – it will save you searching Spotify on the morning, plus all your faves will be in the one place. Check out some fab pre-wedding Playlist song ideas here.

16. Have an emergency kit ready to go – Get your maids to help you put together an emergency kit (and one for them too!). This will come in super handy on the Big Day if you get a little stain on your dress or you need a spare hair clip. Make sure to give it to one of your girls the night before so you’re sorted for all eventualities! Check out some essential packing here.

P.S. You might want to pack some snacks in the getaway car for the drive if it’s going to be awhile before you’re eating!

Photo from Lisa & John’s real wedding by Kathy Silke Photography

17. Give yourself plenty of time to break in shoes – Start a couple of weeks before the wedding so that you’re over the blister stage. And pop a lower pair off heels or pumps in your emergency bag just in case!

18. Print out a list of supplier contacts – Print out a list of suppliers and contact numbers and give a copy to your bridesmaid or groomsman so they have all the contact deets if there’s an emergency or if someone gets lost and needs directions!

19. Have a list of photos you want – Put together a list of photos you want in advance and share it with your photographer whether it’s a pic of both families or all the girls from school. Assign a bridesmaid/groomsman or family member to gather the various gangs on the wedding day so you’re all set!

20. Make seating planning 10 x easier – It’s no secret the seating plan can be a bit of a nightmare but this nifty trick should help. Draw up circular or rectangular tables on a piece of paper and use different colour sticky post-its to help you figure out your table plan – assign a different colour to each group of people (green for bride’s friend and yellow for bride’s family etc.) and pop them at your various tables. Or if you’re looking to get really clever, wedding planning software Moposa have an amazing table planner you can use if your venue is registered with them so be sure to check with your venue!

Photo from Niamh & Jason’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

21. Check the weather forecast – It’s the last thing you want but if there is unexpected rain forecast for your Big Day, you’ll want to have some brollies handy. You can pick up some gorge wedding umbrellas over on Irish stores Allure, Wedding Belles Bridal Accessories & Gifts and The Lovely Little Label.

Main photo by Darek Novak

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