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5 Amazing Honeymoon Ideas

Still wondering where to go on your honeymoon? Here are five of our favourite destinations featuring something for everyone – long and short flights, beaches and adventures, culture and relaxation. And because your budget is always one of our main considerations, there are some great budget-friendly options as well. Enjoy!

Japan Honeymoon


Image courtesy of Unique Japan Tours 

So let’s say you want to do something a little bit different. You want to visit one of those places that are on everyone’s wishlist. A place famed for its culture, beauty, art and food. That place is… Japan. And before you get online and start looking at prices, trips and options, we’ll be glad to say you needn’t look any further than Dublin, where Unique Japan Tours are based. Your entire trip will be planned right here at home, with careful attention of a husband-and-wife team of Darina and Masaki, experts who actually know Japan intimately. They can suggest plenty of activities for every kind of trip – active, relaxing, adventurous, romantic, or a bit of everything. There are so many options in Japan that are unique to that country. Some of the things you may enjoy include attending a real tea ceremony or geisha performance, spending quiet time at a shrine, taking in a festival, snorkelling, and of course visiting famous places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji and many more. Before you decide on any dates, speak to Darina and Masaki about the weather, as it greatly varies by location. Springtime is considered the best time to visit, but you may have to deal with frequent showers (then again, they can be very romantic!)

India Honeymoon


Image courtesy of Grand Hyatt Goa

You may think India is a place best suited to adventurers, wind-chasing backpackers, or those with unlimited budgets who can afford to travel in style. While that’s true, it’s by no means the limit. It’s long been a favourite among honeymooners from all over the world, precisely because it’s the perfect fit for the phrase ‘trip of a lifetime’ with everything from beautiful sandy beaches and water sports to Ayurvedic spas and palaces, forests and fabulous mountains to explore. In India, it’s possible to enjoy five-star luxury without paying five-star prices, and you can do pretty much anything you fancy – relax by the hotel pool, lounge on a beach, take in the sights, or have an adventure by travelling around as far as you can. If you feel you deserve getting spoiled, the five-star Grand Hyatt Goa is ready to welcome you in the lushest way possible. For as long as you stay, you’ll be surrounded by luxury and every modern convenience, but the hospitality, food and ambiance will be traditional and the finest of its kind. Alternatively, if you have no location preference, you may want to consider the Royal Orchid Hotels, a prominent chain synonymous with high standards and locations in some of the best cities. There are 12 in total, including Pune, Mysore, Jaipur and Bangalore. Whichever you choose, it’ll be a good one, as you’re guaranteed a splendid stay and plenty to do. Before you make any decisions, be sure to consider the weather and whether any local festivals will be taking place, as that could make rooms unavailable and the city crowded. The monsoon season moves through the country between May and October, so you may like to plan your stay for sometime during the other six months.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in India

Italy Honeymoon


Images of La Casetta courtesy of Oliver’s Travels

Want a fantastic honeymoon at a price that deserves a double-take? Think Italy and Oliver’s Travels. They’re best known for offering great escapes to some of the best places across Europe, but their very special Italian villas definitely deserve your consideration. There’s La Casetta in the Spello village in the region of Umbria, straight out of an Italian romance book, completely kitted out inside with every convenience you’d expect, and with a splendid view over rolling green hills. Umbria itself is considered second only to Tuscany in beauty, attractions and historical significance. Or if you prefer more of an island vibe, Talia Villa in Sicily is a cosy place with splendid sea views, all-round deck, and an amazing outdoor dining area. The beach is just a stroll away, while the town of Cefalu is nearby for all your local sightseeing, shopping and dining out. The wonderful thing about Italy itself is that interesting sites are never far away, so you can see a lot of unique places even during a short stay. Many couples prefer alternating their honeymoon – having one day at the beach for relaxation, and the next out and about, exploring the local attractions. You’ll have loads of stories to tell upon your return and fantastic pictures as well. Plus, it’s an ideal destination if you don’t fancy a long haul flight.

Canada Honeymoon


Image courtesy of Canadian Sky

A direct flight from Dublin to Toronto lasts less than 8 hours, and if you choose a destination more towards the eastern side, it’ll be even shorter. We mention this because Canada is a beautiful destination for honeymoons, with tremendous diversity of attractions on offer. You can even have it planned for you from home, courtesy of Canadian Sky, who are based in Dublin and Kerry. It’s true, when most people think of Canada, they think of going to big cities like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, or visiting Niagara Falls, but city breaks are just a small fraction of what the country has to offer. Go on a cruise or an escorted tour, visit a ranch, or travel across the country on a train, spending as many as 14 days meandering through astoundingly beautiful scenery. And if you add the Rocky Mountains and wildlife holidays, your choices become truly limitless. The weather in Canada varies by region, but in general the farther west you go, the warmer it is. Central Canada still features true four seasons, with plenty of snow in the winter, gorgeous light spring and wild autumn, while summers are hot and humid with brilliant sunshine. The best months to visit are May and September, when prices are also extremely affordable. Have a chat with Canadian Sky to see what they recommend for your schedule and budget.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon


Images courtesy of Saman Villas

A quintessential honeymoon experience is being on the beach – if not all the time, then at least some of the time. And if long haul flights aren’t a problem, then Sri Lanka should definitely make it onto your list of possible places. It’s nearly a 12 hour journey, but let’s face it, some people don’t feel like they’ve been anywhere unless they’ve flown for at least half a day. There, in Bentota, you’ll find Saman Villas, perfectly placed upon a rocky hill, looking over one of the best beaches on the entire southern coastline of Sri Lanka. It is currently rated number one of 27 hotels in Bentota, which means it’s ok if you have high expectations – you won’t be disappointed. You’ll fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean, and if  you need extra relaxation, there’s a splendid spa and a swimming pool. Nearby, you can see temples, markets, go on a river safari, and even watch whales and dolphins in season. Make sure you ask about honeymoon offers, and you’ll be treated with special reverence once you arrive. Due to the country’s stormy weather, it’s best to visit the south coast between December and March, to enjoy lovely warm weather.

Main image courtesy of Royal Orchid Hotels

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