5 Brilliant Ways to Personalise Your Wedding


With wedding season full of stunning weddings, you might be looking for fabulous ways to personalise your wedding. There are plenty of ways to add a personal touch to your wedding. Today we’ve listed brilliant ways to show off your style, put your newly married status on display and make a spectacular impact on your guests.

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Custom number plates

You’ve already arranged a gorgeous wedding car, so why not personalise your wedding with custom number plates! With Occasion Cars, your number plates are fully customisable to match your wedding theme and style. You’ll also get discounts for ordering multiple plates.
Pictured below: Occasion Cars


Cake topper with your names

We love seeing a stunning wedding cake on display throughout the wedding reception. Make yours even more special and personalise your wedding with a custom cake topper. Use this as another opportunity to display your names or opt for a ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘Mr & Mr’ or ‘Mrs & Mrs’ cake topper!

Pictured below: Crafty Letters


A fabulous first dance

Opening the dance floor with a spectacular first dance is one way to wow your guests! Let’s be honest, most of us can muster up an enthusiastic shuffle but would require a little bit of help to create a memorable moment. This is where dance instructors come in. They’ll take the pressure off by showing you all the moves and getting you dance floor ready!

Pictured below: Michelle Alonzi (left) and Viva School of Dance (right)


A creative table plan

Put your favourite drink on display or celebrate your love for travel with an eye-catching table plan!

Pictured below: Table Plan Designs (left) and What’s The Plan (right)


Custom denim jacket

One of the best ways to personalise your wedding is by showing off your bridal style! This pearl-embellished denim jacket with your name on display is fabulous. Just think about how amazing your wedding photos will look in years to come!

Pictured below: Hanalee Studios