6 Things You’ll Treasure After the Wedding


Your wedding will more than likely be up there with your favourite days of all times! It’s such a special occasion and after months and even years of planning, you’ll definitely want some mementos from it. We can’t stress enough how important your wedding photos and video are. After all the planning, these two things will transport you back to the day time and time again. But there are some other little pieces from your day that you’ll cherish afterwards too, that can be used in your home. Check out some things you’ll treasure after your wedding below…


A personalised wedding dress hanger

A gorgeous hanger is the perfect way to display your beloved wedding dress on the Big Day and we bet you’ll be grinning anytime you catch a glimpse of it hanging in your wardrobe afterwards too.

Ian Hennessy Photography


Your invitation

Your invite is important for obvious reasons – it has all the deets for your special day but it’s also such a lovely keepsake. The great thing about an invite is you can make it into your own very piece of art by popping it in a nice frame and hanging it at home afterwards.

Laura and Benny Photography


Cake topper

We’re a big fan of the personalised cake topper – it looks adorable perched on top of your wedding cake, plus it’s the perfect personal touch. But it’s also a lovely keepsake afterwards too! We think it would be right at home on a shelf in your house as a little nod to your wedding festivities.

Mrs Mc Photography


Love story sign

The Love Story sign has popped up in quite a few real weddings and for good reason! It’s such a sweet way to sum up your relationship milestones and share them all with your guests. AND it will look great propped on a shelf or on a wall in your sitting room for years to come too.

Audrey Nestor


Ring box

Your precious rings will need a special box to get them safely up the aisle. We love the idea of investing in a personalised piece that can double up as a bit of a jewellery box afterwards!

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A painting of your wedding

There are several companies that specialise in wedding paintings and prints – if you’re lucky enough to get one as a gift, it is the perfect keepsake. Some couples also opt to have a painting or print of their wedding either created at their Big Day or in advance. If you’ve gone down this route, your painting or print will be a beautiful addition to your walls afterwards!

Wedding Art