6 Wedding Planning Tasks You Won’t Need to do Straight Away

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Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the world of wedding planning! For anybody who has never planned a wedding before, it can feel daunting and a little overwhelming. You may have lots of things on your list and lots on your mind too. To make your life easier, we’ve created a list of wedding planning tasks you can put aside for now. These are things you will get to eventually, but they aren’t the first things on your list. So breathe out and put these tasks on hold for a while.

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Buying Wedding Attire

Your wedding dress or suit can wait. If you like, keep on browsing and gathering ideas, but don’t rush to book appointments just yet. Keep track of silhouettes you like, and store photos of outfits, styles and colours that catch your eye. We recommend buying your wedding dress six to eight months before the Big Day, so for now, you can hold off.

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Making song choices

The song you walk down the aisle to or the one you choose for your First Dance can wait. These types of details will come together as your plans take shape. By all means, book your musicians and DJ, but don’t feel any pressure to choose songs right away. Get inspiration for Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Songs and Upbeat Weddings Songs for Dancing.

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Planning your honeymoon

A recent survey has shown that as many as 65% of couples wait a few months after the wedding before they head off on their honeymoon. Fewer couples are jetting off the day after the wedding, so if you are choosing to do the same, there’s less rush to make all your big honeymoon plans now.

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Choosing smaller decor items

There’s no rush to buy or order table linens, and smaller items for your centrepieces. These are the details that will begin to take shape as your plans come together. We recommend having an idea of your overall wedding style, selecting the bigger things (such as your venue) and then moving on to the details that will add life and excitement to these plans.

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Proposing to your bridesmaids

There is no rush to get your girls together immediately. First take some time to enjoy being engaged, then decide who you would like to share that journey with you. Don’t feel any pressure to ask all your close friends, but first take the time to evaluate who you really want to stand by your side. When you’re ready, here’s some inspo for how you can propose to your girls.



Creating a seating chart

There are a number of steps you will need to take before you can create a seating chart. Typically, you would only create the seating chart once all your RSVPs have come in, which will be much closer to your wedding day. Before making up your mind, first decide if you’d like assigned seating or not.

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