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7 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Stationery – Rosy Days

We’re entering Spring 2013 and the words “recession” and “budget” are still on everyone’s lips, however the wedding you have always dreamed of is still very much possible with a bit of extra planning and attention, says Claire Tunnicliffe of Rosy Days wedding stationery.

1. SHOP AROUND: Nothing new here, but it really does pay to shop around. A lot of Irish wedding stationery suppliers are small enterprises, with the benefit that you can often deal directly with the owner, who has the power to offer you the best price. Small enterprises are appreciative of your business and thrive on good customer care, so are only too happy to work with your budget & can offer you advice on the best way to use it.

2. FOLLOW stationery providers on SOCIAL MEDIA such as Facebook or Twitter. Often this is the first place to hear of offers and discounts, as well as information of new designs and trends. Check back regularly for new updates.

3. SHOP EARLY: Most couples see stationery as one of the last items they need to organise, however starting your stationery search early gives you more time to shop around and negotiate. Wedding etiquette dictates that you send invitations at 6 – 8 weeks before your wedding. Allow at least 4 weeks turnaround  for any customised designs.

4. Enclosing RSVP CARDS with invitations is a current trend, with many couples opting to  pre-stamp the cards as well. However, most guests don’t expect this extra level of attention, so if your budget is tight, consider omitting the RSVP cards and include an email address or mobile number so that your guests can still reply easily… and hopefully still on time 🙂

5. Ask your stationery provider to print only ORDER of SERVICE covers and finish the inserts yourself at home. Alternatively opt for “Scroll” type or A4 service cards which print the main details on a single sheet.

6. TABLE SETTINGS are a great way of customising your venue and carrying your bridal theme across the day. However if budget is tight, consider only ordering TABLE NAME or NUMBER cards, omitting individual place settings and allow your guests to choose their own seat at their designated table. Most guests are happy with this arrangement & you enjoy the added bonus of an easier seating plan 🙂

7. Order your THANK YOU cards at the same time as your invitations. You will often get a better price ordering all your stationery together and you won’t need to find the money for your Thank you cards after you have indulged on your Honeymoon! Having your Thank you cards to hand early means that you can start to write them as soon as your gifts arrive, making it a more enjoyable experience than trying to write them all in one go. Tip! Consider asking your stationery provider to print a general thank you message inside, allowing you to simply sign the card or add a small personal note (This is especially helpful for a large wedding).

rosy days wedding stationery

Don’t be tempted to omit “Thank yous”, however tight your budget. Many wedding traditions have changed over the years but the courtesy of a proper Thank you is always appreciated by your guests. If your budget really doesn’t reach to specially purchased cards, consider a handwritten letter or an email.  A proper thank you also helps remind people what a great day your wedding was & what a fabulous couple you are.

In summary, starting your stationery search earlier may lead to reduced costs and certainly decreased pressure on you, which can only be good. Work with your stationery provider to get the stationery you want. Most providers will be happy to adapt to your needs within reason and will do their best to make sure your stationery is on budget and still looks great.

Your stationery sets the tone for your whole wedding day, so give it a little extra attention, and it will get your guests excited about your event… Popping your invitations in the post box sets the wheels in motion for the countdown to your big day, so try to enjoy this part of the planning as much as you can.

Rosy Days is currently offering FREE PERSONALISATION of the bridal couple sketch on any of their designs, giving you completely unique and fun stationery without blowing your budget! Contact Clare on [email protected] or visit to see more designs.

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