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8 Ways To Decorate A Wedding Marquee

Are you short of ideas on what to do with your beautiful marquee? Here are 8 of the best and most popular ways to decorate a wedding marquee for both the ceremony and reception.

1. Bunting – easy to buy or make, comes in unlimited patterns, colours, sizes and lengths…  and let’s face it – where there’s bunting, there is a good party going on!

Image from: Noelle & Ross’s real wedding

2. Lining – it’s a one-stop solution to all your decorating questions – hire lining and voila! your marquee is ready. Lining comes in all kinds of colours and patterns, all you have to do is pick your fave!

Image by: Karina Finegan Photography

3. Flowers – a wedding without flowers is like a bride without new shoes! Ask your florist for suggestions on how your flowers could make the biggest impact in a marquee. You don’t have to go for huge centrepieces – small bunches of flowers in strong bright colours will liven up any marquee and fill it with gorgeous scent too.

Image by: Kevin Morris Photography

4. Lighting – during the day your white marquee will glow with the light from the outside. As soon as it gets dusky, turn on some strategically placed spotlights to illuminate it inside in your favourite colour – gorgeously simple!

Image by: Classic Marquees

5. Bold colours – here’s a radical thought… don’t decorate a marquee at all. Instead, focus your attention on the tables and use bold colours to make a real statement.


6. Strings of lights – garlands of soft-glow lightbulbs or fairy lights can be bought or hired, then strung around the perimeter of the marquee or between the poles. Anywhere you place them, they’ll make the space look absolutely dreamy!


Image by: Studio33 Weddings

7. Paper lanterns – simple yet elegant, available in a variety of sizes and colours – all you need is string and you’re done! Hang them at different heights for a beautifully decorative effect.

Image from: Kate & Sean’s real wedding

8. Pom poms – a fantastic DIY option, pom poms can be made from absolutely anything – tissue paper, colourful magazines, fabric, tulle… make (or buy) as many or as few as you like and hang them from the ceiling or the poles – they look good absolutely everywhere!

Image from: Sheena & David’s real wedding

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