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9 Sweet & Thoughtful Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days you’ll ever experience full to the brim with emotions and happy memories. You may have all the décor stuff sussed but there are lots of other thoughtful wedding ideas you can include, some just for you and some to make your guests feel part of this special day. Here’s 9 of our favourite….

Main Image by Jesse Holland Photography

Message Love

We just adore this photo and it sums up perfectly all your wedding hopes and dreams! Get guests to scrawl thoughtful messages or happy thoughts for you and your new hubby or wife-to-be on a chalkboard (this one takes the biscuit – or the whole wedding cake in this case!) and take a snap of it so you’ll have it forever.

Photo Sharing

sweet wedding ideas wedding appImage via Our Wedding App

We love this clever new idea taking the wedding industry by storm! We all know we’re snap happy at weddings so those of you that love the idea of having a goo at your guests snaps and videos will love this. You can now buy a clever App (Our Wedding App) which guests can download to their phone and will allow them to share pictures, videos and messages with you, so you can see your wedding party in full swing through your guests eyes. Not only will you be privy to their snaps (yay more to add to the wedding collection) but it would be a really sweet way to get guests involved and could even be downloaded by those that can’t be there so that they can still share in the festivities. See for more deets.

Wishbone Placecard Holders

sweet wedding ideas wishbonesImage via Style Me Pretty, Photography by White Loft Studio

This whimsical little DIY stole our hearts! An old childhood favourite, fighting over who gets to break the wishbone and get their very own wish may have been a dining highlight. We love the idea of incorporating this lucky charm in to your wedding, using them as placecard holders as a symbol of good luck. And they’re bound to be a bit of a conversation-starter. See the tutorial for this cute DIY over on Style Me Pretty. Speaking of wishes, if you’re looking for sweet and thoughtful favour ideas, there’s lot of charities you can donate to in lieu of actual favours such as Make a Wish and ISPCC wedding favours. See a full list here!

First Look Photo – Parents

sweet wedding ideas first look photo parentsImage via Bridal Guide, Photography by Bend the Light

The trend du jour stateside is the ‘First Look Photo’ but if you don’t fancy sharing that moment pre-altar with your hubby or wife-to-be, why not include your parents or close friends in this cute little tradition. The moment when your family members see you in your gown for the very first time will be overwhelmingly emotional and special, as their little girl/sister/comrade is all grown up. Make a fuss out of those closest to you and capture this special moment on camera so you can relive it in print afterwards!

Childhood Photos

sweet wedding ideas childhood photosImage via Classic Bride, Photography by Marianne Taylor

It’s a moment you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little lady (sorry lads!) so it could be really sweet to incorporate some childhood snaps in to your wedding day. You could opt to have childhood pictures photographed with your wedding rings or there’s lots of other cute ways to include your photos – you could get a snap of you and your OH holding pictures of when you were kids, or for those of you that want your childhood memories to hang in pride of place, you could pop them at the back of your reception chair.

Guestbook Memories

sweet wedding ideas kildare jigsawsImage via Kildare Puzzles

You cannot put a value on the likes of the guestbook! We are all for the idea of creating some form of guestbook where your favourite people in the world can scribble their warm wishes for you on this loved up day – it’s something you will cherish forever and pour over long after the confetti has been swept up. And it doesn’t have to be just a standard book, you can get creative with it and have your guests scribble on everything from scraps of pretty fabric which you can weave in to a throw afterwards or jot some sentiments on jigsaw puzzles (we love this fun version by Kildare Puzzles) which you’ll be able to rework time and time again over the years.

Family Touches

sweet ideas for your wedding family heirloomsImage via John Robert Woods | Image by Mason & Megan Photography

There’s lots of lovely mementoes you can use on your special day to include those closest to you. Pin a family ring to your dress or sew a little heart from one of your dad’s shirts on to the inside of your dress for your something blue. Or did your mam or grandmother keep their wedding dress? Wrap a piece of the fabric around your wedding flowers so that they’re close to you as you walk down the aisle (you could also add a picture of someone special that is no longer with you so that they’re close to you all day long). If you’re not keen on cutting off a snippet of your mothers dress, you could use an old piece of fabric from your christening robe or embellish the back of your dress or flowers with heirloom brooches.

The Sweetest Words

poetry just for you sweet wedding ideas

For those of you that need a bit of a helping hand in the speech department, there’s  a really sweet service you can avail of that will not only give you a hand but will take your love story, thoughts and sentiments and brings them to life through poetry. Poetry Just For You can be used in any area of your wedding – whether you want a few wee thoughtful words to sum up the love you have for all the people in the room, a sentimental speech about your other half or it could just be a personal little something to give to the love of your life on the morning of your big day. Read more about Dave’s special service here.

Tears of Joy

sweet ideas for your wedding hankiesImage via Style Me PrettyAngela And Evan Photography | Image via Style Me Pretty, Photography by Magnus Bogucki

There’s no denying it’s an emotional day and not just for the guests. Take the ‘Tears of Joy’ hankies to the next level like these brides and leave one for your ladies in waiting as a little gift full of the sweetest sentiments. And if you feel you might be a tad teary yourself on this special day, have one close by like this wise bride who walked down the aisle with one in hand.

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