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9 Tips For A Successful Engagement Photoshoot

engagement photoshoot

Having an engagement photoshoot is a great idea, for lots of reasons. Today we’ve nine ideas to help you make the most of yours. 

1. Consider it the perfect chance to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of their camera before the wedding day. 

2. Choose a special location. It could be the beach where you got engaged, the bar you first met in, or even your new home – wherever you choose, make sure it’s special to you both. 

3. Use your engagement photoshoot on the wedding day. From a unique guestbook to using the photos for table settings or wedding favours, there are many uses for your images, so why not use them! 

4. Dress comfortably. The more comfortable you feel the more relaxed you will look in the images. 

5. Consider using the engagement shoot as the perfect time to have your hair and makeup trial. If you can mange to have them on the same day it saves you doing it and will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, perfect for getting your best smile on! 

6. Bring a few changes of clothes, especially if your shoot is during winter! And don’t forget cosy knits and scarves to cuddle up to each other. 

7. Don’t worry about your engagement photoshoot, it’s supposed to be relaxed and dare we say it, fun. Have a laugh with your other half, forget the photographer is there and bring your A-game smile! 

8. Bring props, which might be your family dog. Whatever you think suits you as a couple will look great in the final images. 

9. Make a day of it. Why not book the whole day off work, have your shoot and then go out and celebrate this really special time. 

(Image: Ruth Foran Photography)

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