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A Charming Engagement Shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Dublin

Couple: Cathal Redmond and Delphine Defay

Engagement date: 2019-06-14

Photographer: Sara Serpilli Photography

Cathal and Delphine met in Fairview Park in Dublin, while playing the same sport.

“We were friends first before it pretty clearly grew into something more and I was forced to steal her away.”

“Our proposal was a little messy as she caught me out but it still makes me smile.”

Their engagement shoot was in the botanical gardens in Dublin.

“We had a lot of fun and spend the whole day laughing and (almost) kissing in front of a camera. It was odd but a great experience and the photos are so cute.”

“Sara is brilliant, helpful and professional. The photoshoot felt super natural, and I think we are laughing on most of the pictures not only because we were happy but also because Sara knew how to make sure we would feel comfortable. The result is awesome: we have great pictures and we spent an amazing afternoon.”

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