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A Relaxed Forest Green Wedding

“We got married outside under the beautiful willow tree in front of Bellinter House. The bouquets were a mix of pink, cream and dusty greens. The bridesmaids dresses were forest green.”


Your Names: Emma and Joe

Length of engagement: 1.5 years

Wedding Date: 2019-09-07

Wedding location: Bellinter House

Photographer: Couple Photography



How did you meet and get engaged?
We met through a mutual friend on Stephen’s night, we didn’t actually meet again until February. We then got engaged 5 years later in my mum’s house in Cleggan, Co. Galway. MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!



Describe your wedding:
Our wedding was very relaxed. We got married outside under the beautiful willow tree in front of Bellinter House. The bouquets were a mix of pink, cream and dusty greens. The bridesmaids dresses were forest green.



Tell us about your bridal look:
My dress was ivory with a sweetheart neckline and lace detail covering the chest with cap sleeves.



What did your bridesmaids wear?
My bridesmaids wore Forest green dresses from Folkster.



What was your ceremony like?
The ceremony was fun, relaxed and perfectly us. We had the Kooky Ukes play during the ceremony giving a relaxed vibe to the day. It was a short ceremony filled with personal stories and readings from dear friends.



Tell us about your wedding venue:
Bellinter House is a beautiful and quirky venue in the heart of Meath. We loved the vibrant coloured rooms designed by Suzie McAdam. The food is incredible in Bellinter and the staff are super helpful. There were plenty of gorgeous bedrooms for our guests to stay for our 2 day celebration.



What is your favourite memory from your wedding day?
The whole day was amazing – from start to finish we laughed our way through it but my favourite memory would have to be the moment we realised that we had forgotten the wedding rings mid ceremony. Our 2 year old nephew was supposed to deliver the ring box to us but when we asked his dad for the rings he stood up and said he didn’t have them. That’s when we burst out laughing and realised that 2 of the bridesmaids and the best man had disappeared back to the hotel room to search for the rings! It took them 15 mins to find them which gave us the perfect chance to have a look around at all our guests. It was perfect as I spotted my uncle sitting in the crowd who I didn’t think could make it due to illness. I was so happy to see him as he had come all the way from Galway to attend.



Have you got any advice for other couples?
JUST ENJOY THE DAY! Have fun with all your friends and family who are there to celebrate with you. The little details that you think are SUPER important just don’t matter on the day. Take every little hiccup in your stride and laugh it off. There is no such thing as ‘PERFECT’, there is bound to be things that don’t happen as you originally thought – just go with the flow and don’t get hung up on it! ALSO, take a moment just you and your new husband to breathe and catch up. It was lovely just to sit down with Joe while everyone was up dancing to see how his day was going and to have a giggle about the speeches etc.




Wedding venue: Bellinter House | Photographer: Couple Photography | Planner/coordinator: Barbara Tiernan | Musician: The Kooky Ukes | Dress: B Couture Bridal, Arklow | Suits: Love Suits | Bridesmaids dresses: Folkster | Celebrant: Dave Russel | Flowers: Cottage Flowers

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