11 Adventure Honeymoons You’ll Never Forget


If you listed all the types of honeymoons from A to Z, what would be on top? ADVENTURE honeymoons! What an amazing option for that trip of a lifetime. You get thrills, you get romance, you get to explore somewhere completely new… what’s not to love? And you don’t even have to wonder where to go, because luckily we have plenty but plenty of adventure honeymoons for you. Here are our top 11 picks.

Peru – brought to you by Lisa Nahedh from Travel Counsellors

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Ideal for couples who love going to lands far, far away, a honeymoon in Peru is a major name-dropping event (and probably the best Instagram feed of all your followers). Practice saying this now: ‘oh, our honeymoon? Yes, we saw the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, Machu Picchu, Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley… do you want see the pictures?’ Prepare to hear a lot of people say they want to do that too. You won’t be trekking with a backpack the whole time either; there are idyllic beaches and amazing cuisine to enjoy at a slow pace too. Click here to chat to Lisa Nahedh from Travel Counsellors about planning a trip to Peru.

Japan – brought to you by Unique Japan Tours

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Instead of saying you’ll go to Japan ‘someday’, make it your honeymoon destination. This is an ideal place to visit for couples who hate being bored and love culture shock. From one day to the next, you can immerse yourself in a meditative calmness of a temple, and then get zapped into the future in their high-tech big cities. And of course, the food, the food… Best of all, you will be in good hands, because Darina, the managing director of Unique Japan Tours, works out of Dublin and considers Japan her second home. Click here to contact Unique Japan Tours.

India – brought to you by Royal Orchid Hotels and Grand Hyatt Goa

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There’s so much to see in India, we dare say it’s ideal for couples who have a different idea of honeymoon perfection. Let’s say you are the foodie, but your other half is a history buff? No problem, you’ll both be more than happy. You want spectacular photos, your other half wants adventure? Same. We could go on and on with this list. Of course, if you stay at either Royal Orchid Hotels or the Grand Hyatt Goa, you’ll be spoiled with luxurious hospitality too. For your honeymoon, you definitely deserve it.

South African Safari – brought to you by Classic Resorts

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Safaris have become extremely popular as adventure honeymoons in the last few years – it’s simple: you get to visit a private reserve where game sightings are excellent. You’ll have your own guide and a tailored stay. Also (very important), South Africa is the only place where safari holidays are malaria-free. You can go any time of year, but they recommend the winter season (May to August) when temperatures are balmy and the grass is low. Hanging out with wild animals… does it get any more adventurous than that? Find out more here.

Route 66 Road Trip – brought to you by GoHop.ie

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The American road trip – now that’s an adventure everyone should have at least once in their life. You start in Chicago (make sure to spend a day or two there, what a city!), and 2,000 miles later you are… in Los Angeles. In between, you’ll make a lifetime of memories crossing some of the most incredible places in the country. Must pack: camera with plenty of space for pictures, the biggest library of driving tunes you could ever create, and a classic American roadmap to mark your progress (you can frame and hang it up upon your return). It’s time to drive off into the sunset! Find out more here.

Malaysia – brought to you by Escape2

If you’re craving some sunshine, adventure and beautiful beaches, then a trip to Malaysia could be the perfect solution for you. It’s a dream location for couples looking to discover new cultures and history or embrace the great outdoors. From its exotic laid-back islands to its cool highlands, Malaysia offers a mix of gold-domed Malay mosques, Hindu temples, neck-straining skyscrapers, as well as jungles, ancient rainforests, coral reefs and national parks! Find out more about a trip to Malaysia here.

New Zealand – brought to you by Lisa Nahedh from Travel Counsellors

Among the many reasons New Zealand is perfect for adventure honeymoons is the seasons. If you are getting married in the autumn or winter, it’s spring and summer in NZ. Basically, weather perfection. But even if you go during their winter (European summer), the temperatures will be very mild. This New Zealand adventure covers the best bits – we’re talking the incredible city of Auckland, farmland of Matamata, home of the popular “Hobbiton”, beautiful hidden valleys and waterfalls of Queenstown and the spectacular coastline of Able Tasman National Park. If by the end of the honeymoon you won’t feel like leaving at all, we don’t blame you. Find out more here.

Sri Lanka – brought to you by Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa

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You’ve heard of someone – or maybe you even personally know that someone – who has done the backpacking thing in Sri Lanka and returned exhilarated and exhausted. Well, don’t think of Sri Lanka as just a gap year thing, because honeymooning there is a completely different experience. There’s lots to experience from visiting tea plantations and temples to climbing the heritage site Sigiriya and cooking and sampling local curries. If you like your adventure with a return to luxury, then Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa is worth adding to your accommodation list. Beaches, dining, an artists’ village, golfing and much more are available plus it’s close to several National Parks. You’ll likely return with the best souvenirs of your life.

Borneo – brought to you by GoHop.ie

It’s an island holiday, but not as you know it! The largest Asian island in the Pacific Ocean (and third largest in the world), there’s so much to do and see, you’ll wish your honeymoon was twice its planned length. This tour includes the perfect amount of local exploring, sailing, dining, rainforest visiting, and cave exploration. We especially recommend this for wildlife lovers, you’ll probably never see as many exotic species in their natural environment again. Find out more here.

Thailand – brought to you by Escape2

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If you are going to escape, why not make it Thailand? Pretty much everyone we know who has gone there says they want to go back again, so there must be something very special about the place. Escape2 could arrange any type of honeymoon, especially one with just the right balance of romance and adventure. Consider going to Rayavadee in Krabi – just steps from the Krabi National Marine Park, a dream for wildlife watching, hiking and water sports. As far as adventure honeymoons go, it’s simply incomparable.

Cuba – brought to you by Classic Resorts

If you’re looking to enjoy some sunshine and sights, a trip to Havana and Varadero will tick all your boxes! From UNESCO preserved habitats and stunning colonial architecture to unspoilt tropical beaches, Cuba has something for everyone. Couples looking for adventure will love exploring the vibrant city of Havana renowned for its exquisite Spanish architecture and gorgeous cobbled streets. Get a culture fix visiting the dramatic Revolution Square, Museum of Revolution and famous Che Guevara mural and take in the vintage cars on the streets and sample some Cuban rum along the way. And top it all off with some relaxing beach time at the idyllic Varadero. Click here to chat to the team at Classic Resorts about a trip to Cuba.