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Ask the Expert: “How Do I Coordinate the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids?”

Groomsmen in green and mint wedding suits

“One of our deals when we began to plan our wedding was that I was allowed total control over what myself and my groomsmen wear on the day! My fiancé knows the style of suit I’m wearing but I want to surprise her by coordinating with her bridesmaids a little for the wedding (they are wearing dark green). What can we wear that won’t look silly?” – Ronan  

From the Experts

1. Cathy from Dorian Black 

Ronan, what a  sweetheart you are! It’s lovely that you’re considering this so carefully. Our advice is that you coordinate the groomsmen’s accessorises with the bridesmaids’ colours and that you yourself choose accessory colours to compliment the bride only. You mention the colour green but don’t specify the shade, depending on the depth of the colour involved it can influence your decision on the type of neckwear you will wear. If it’s a strong green go for a rich satin fabric, and I would recommend a slim tie, rather than the traditional wider tie or cravat. Choose a pocket square that has a slight pattern – perhaps something with an ivory or white fine design that acknowledges the bride’s colours and accentuates the groomsmen outfits? Get your finishing touches right – consider your flowers, shirts and waistcoats, as these can also be a very good means of introducing colour. Your bride will be delighted with your thoughtfulness. Wishing you both a wonderful celebration. –

2. The team at CT2 Suit Hire 

Ronan, the best way to incorporate the colour subtly is to put the wedding party (with the exception of the groom) into a dark green tie or cravat. –

 3. The team at Bond Brothers

Hi Ronan, thank you for your question. Since dark green is a very strong colour for some men to wear we would recommend going with a charcoal grey herringbone suit and  accessorising with a plain or simple silver waistcoat and a dark green tie/cravat. We would also recommend that if you are going with this colour for the guys, it is best to have some green elsewhere on the suit like some green in the buttonhole to take away from the sole focus on your tie/cravat in your photos (green is a colour that your eye will be drawn to in a photo). However if you feel that this won’t look well on some of your groomsmen you could try all silver (silver waistcoat, tie/cravat ) and then have a small bit of dark green in the buttonhole flower. The silver will go with the green very well. –

Main image by Still Music Photography

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