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Ask the Expert: Teeth Whitening Before your Wedding Day

While you may have sorted dresses, suits or things like cakes and flowers, your smile is a biggie too. When it comes to wedding planning, your teeth can often be an afterthought but your weddings photos and video will be around a long time and you want to feel your absolute best on such a special day, teeth included! Like a not so amazing hair day, it’s the little things that will have you feeling less than confident so you may want to add a trip to the dentist or teeth whitening to the to-do list if it isn’t there already. If you are looking for more than just a scale and polish, there are some great teeth whitening options out there for couples that can easily be done at home. Today we’re joined by Dr. Tom Geza from Whitening Ireland who talks us through a great at home solution for couples looking for a brighter smile on their Big Day. Over to Dr. Geza…

Irish Teeth Whitening Specialist

In two major surveys, in early 2017, Irish people were asked ‘which readily-accessible, non-invasive cosmetic treatment would you most like to have done?’ Overwhelmingly, in both surveys, the answer was: ‘I want whiter teeth’. And it’s now easier than ever to grant that wish. Teeth-whitening methods have come a long way in the last decade or two. However, the choices you have can be confusing. Most people think that the big brand oral-health and toothpaste brands which dominate the marketplace are adequate for delivering a clean, white look for your teeth. However, the majority of these toothpastes fall some way short of ‘perfect’. But fear not – help is at hand, in the form of Whitening Ireland‘s dentist-selected, teeth-whitening methods and products! One of our most popular products is the elite American ‘Opalescence’ brand which have ‘16% carbamide peroxide’ gels. These carefully-made, exhaustively-tested, top-grade gels will have your teeth in brilliant condition in time for the Big Day and beyond. And Whitening Ireland offer this cost-effective, at-home treatment – one of the best in the world.

The Causes

Your teeth begin to stain over time – it’s a gradual thing and you mightn’t even notice it until you look in the mirror one day and get a glimpse of your smile. Coffee, alcoholic drinks, chocolate, food-dyes… they all play their part in robbing you of the perfect smile you always believed is your birthright. Many people, understandably, don’t want to give up the foods and drinks which make life more enjoyable but what can you do to restore that lovely, glowing smile? Opalescence (TM) gels which contain an ultra-safe 16% carbamide peroxide ingredient is the answer you’ve been looking-for.

The Treatment

An at-home course of dentist-supervised Opalescence-gel whitening is easier than you think. The dentists who work with Whitening Ireland believe that clean teeth are the best foundation for starting an easy-to-use ‘tray-and-gel’ whitening course. So firstly, a Whitening Ireland-approved dentist will examine your teeth. In the majority of cases, that dentist will recommend a professional cleaning, which means a ‘scale and polish’ of your teeth. This scale and polish will remove one or two microns-deep of staining, that even regular brushing will not remove. This is important.

The dentist will then make an ‘impression’ of your teeth using a special putty, set into an upper-teeth, and lower-teeth, plastic frame. After about four minutes, these frames will be removed from your mouth and about three or four days later, your customised mouth-trays will be ready! Your Whitening Ireland dentist will then meet with you to give you the pair-of-trays, and the special gels. (You will also receive a FREE ‘nano-silver’ toothbrush, and a FREE Opalescence maintenance-toothpaste, to complement the gel-course).

The dentist will then show you the very simple method, where you inject small drops of the 16%-CP gel, to the inside of the trays. You then place those gel-prepared upper and lower trays on to your teeth. You’ll notice that they’ll be a perfect, snug fit, for you! You keep the trays in your mouth for about 90 minutes. However, 120 minutes is optimal. There may be a slight tingling sensation for a minute or two; this is the very gentle bleaching-agent cleansing your teeth of the stains.

Over a course of some 20 to 25 identical applications over a period of four-to-six weeks, the stains will gently lift off, and be removed. That is two-to-four microns deep of stain-layering… gone! Your restored smile should be between two-to-four shades whiter at the end of the course! After that, you only need to do a trays-in-mouth application once every 21 days to retain your renewed whiteness. Voila! You’ll feel more confident in your smile and appearance for your special day and can rest assured that you’ve done the best for, and by, your precious teeth.

The Premium at-home Opalescence course is a full eight-syringe pre-loaded gel package: the very optimum which the dental scientists recommend for you so that you can attain as much as four-shades whiter teeth. (Do NOT be swayed by the consumer trade-show promises you sometimes see, where you’re ‘promised’ six-shades whiter in 15 minutes! These products have zero dental science to back them up – stain removal requires safe, proven, dentist-grade bleaching gels, used as described, above.)

Whitening Ireland is proud of its low prices – the ‘Premium’ Opalescence course is typically HALF the price of similar systems being offered in many Dental Offices in the Republic of Ireland. Pop over to for more information or to book your appointment!


Main photo by Michelle Prunty Photography

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