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Ask the Experts: Can You Cover Tattoos and What is the Best Way To Go About It?

For some brides, their tattoos are a huge part of their identity and something they relish showing off on their Big Day, but for others, what was once a much wanted design, no longer is and they don’t feel comfortable having it on display on their special day. If you do have a tattoo you would like to cover, worry not, there are ways to go about it. Five makeup artists share some of the best ways to cover tattoos…

Angelface Makeup | View Profile

The best product for covering up tattoos is Vichy Dermablend. If you have a tattoo that you’re worried about for your big day, you need to discuss this with your make-up artist at your trial, as it will have to be incorporated into the timings on the day.

Nikki Kavanagh | View Profile

Very small tattoos are handy enough but anything larger than a coin can take quite a long time and this is timed and charged separately depending on size. I carry camouflage kits with me with a setting spray. Generally we use a dark pink or red to kill any black ink and then build special concealers around it. It is not as easy as it looks and is very time-consuming so factor that in time wise is my advice.

Laura Kay | View Profile

If you have tattoos that you want covered, you’ll need to talk with your makeup artist about leaving additional time on the morning of the wedding. The timing would also depend on the size, colour and where the tattoo is located. If you’re worried about the level of coverage, many local pharmacies stock the Dermablend range. This foundation is incredibly full coverage and has great staying power.

Lotte Laure Colombine LLC Makeup | View Profile

If you wish for your tattoo to be covered for your wedding day, let your makeup artist know before the trial so he/she will have the correct products with them. You have to get the correct shade for it to blend nicely as presumably it is a body part that has no other makeup on it for the day, if you are planning to wear tan please have that for your trial too so the correct shade can be applied as you do really want the covered area to blend in with the surrounding skin.
If you would like to cover them yourself, I suggest the Vichy Dermablend or Kat Von D Lock It concealer, they are full coverage and long lasting. Personally I think a visible tattoo can be lovely if it’s the right one as it’s unique but it depends on what the tattoo is and I can totally understand that some brides want them covered especially if it’s a tattoo you are no longer comfortable/happy with.

Forever Fabulous Make-up Artist | View Profile

Yes, tattoos can be covered and I would recommend that your artist does this the morning of your wedding as it is time-consuming and you need a professional finish. Tattoo cover up is done in stages and the time it takes depends on the size and colours of the tattoo. You can add this service to your makeup trial too. Beware that colour transfer can happen if the area is rubbing off your dress.

It is done in layers:

  • Red lip pencil is used over any dark green or black ink first to neturalise the colour
  • A heavy coverage foundation is then used over this like: Vichy Dermabelnd or Kat Von D Lock It foundation, this colour needs to be matched to the skintone of the client
  • Set the area with a translucent setting powder, like the Lock It in powder from Kat Von D
  • Repeat this process until the area is completely covered and blended in
  • Set the area with setting spray to finish

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