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Ask the Experts: How Can I Get Rid of a Wedding Dress Stain?

Fingers crossed you WON’T be needing this advice but as with everything, it’s best to be prepared! Trying to remove a stain from your beloved wedding dress is never a scenario you want to imagine but on the off-chance a stain does make its way on to your gorgeous gúna, there are ways to get rid of it or minimise it (either way, don’t let anything get in the way of your amazing day – shrug it off and get on with enjoying your wedding). For those of you that want to be prepared for all eventualities, we’ve enlisted the help of the people that know all about wedding dresses – the bridal boutiques. They’ve got some great ways to get rid of wedding dress stains on your Big Day (just in case)…

Sharon Gregory Design Studio, Cork | View Profile

Baby wipes – carry a pack with you, they’re great for little accidents on the day!

DePaor Designs, Wicklow | View Profile

Ideally most dresses should be dry cleaned but it does no harm to prepare for the inevitable accident. Bring a couple of clean pieces of white/ivory cotton or silk with you and a diluted solution of Fairy Non Bio or similar washing gel. If it is absolutely necessary to try and remove the stain, sponge the stain gently with some warmed solution of the gel and then sponge again with some plain water to remove the detergent. But only try if absolutely necessary and don’t let a stain ruin your day. Just relax and enjoy it!  Also bring a few strong safety pins, in case when dancing etc. your train hook gives way. Remember the scout’s motto – ‘Be Prepared’!

MK Bridal Boutique, Meath | View Profile

If you happen to get blood on your wedding dress… spit on it! Saliva removes blood.

Diamond Bridal, Cork | View Profile

Non fragranced baby wipes and a soft bristled toothbrush and cold water will do the job with the majority of stains. Be careful however not to be too heavy handed with delicate fabrics.

Aideen Cross – Award Winning Bridal Designer, Kildare | View Profile

Let’s hope it never happens, bride’s worst nightmare… but I would say firstly be prepared with few handy items in a bag:

  • Small white cotton towel (all ready washed and dried)
  • Baby powder
  • Cotton buds
  • Brown paper
  • Baby wipes

Cleaning instructions don’t always apply on your wedding day as you’re looking for that quick fix. Don’t ever rub a stain, dab gently and from the inside out. Use the towel to remove any excess moisture if a spill occurs. For a lipstick stain, you could try baby wipes, gently dab and when dry, finish with baby powder. For an oily stain, cover with baby powder and brush off after 10 minutes and repeat or place brown paper over stain and apply a little heat, the paper should absorb the oil. Always use cold water on cotton to remove a blood stain. It’s best to be prepared – good luck!

Memories – The Bridal Boutique (Dublin & Cork) | View Profile

Baby wipes – as long as it’s not silk!

Main photo from Carol & Eric’s real wedding by DKPHOTO

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