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Ask the Experts: When Do I Need to Order My Wedding Dress?

Wedding dresses aren’t like ordinary dresses – they have a certain lead time and it will be months before you get a glimpse of your precious order which is why it’s always best to give yourself plenty of time on the dress shopping front (our experts suggest when to start wedding dress shopping here). So just how long before the wedding do you need to order your dress? We turned to the experts again, the bridal boutiques, and asked them when brides need to get that order in – see what they had to say below…

Alice May Bridal, Dublin | View Profile

8 months and more is ideal. We can arrange rush orders for you if you don’t have that amount of time, we can cater for every bride’s needs here in Alice May Bridal.

Memories – The Bridal Boutique (Dublin & Cork) | View Profile

Ordering times can be 4-8 months depending on the designer and you need to leave time for your alterations too!

Myrtle Ivory – Bridal Couture, Dublin | View Profile

Depending on designers and depending on the fabric, it is typically a 6-7 month order time frame. If a bride doesn’t have this time frame, panic not, most designers allow for a “Rush Order” (there is a charge for these orders).

Sharon Gregory Design Studio, Cork | View Profile

The lead time on dresses are 5 months and 3 months for bridesmaids so allow a few months before the wedding for the wedding dress to come in, you don’t want to be panicking waiting on it to arrive.

Diamond Bridal, Cork | View Profile

Most Bridal Designers require 6-8 months to make your dress. Our advice, however, is as soon as you find it, order it. Most boutiques will allow payment plans and deferred delivery to accommodate this.

MK Bridal Boutique, Meath | View Profile

When ordering your dress, we would suggest ordering no later than 8 months in advance.

Photo from Louise & Brendan’s real wedding by Jialin Long Photography

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