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Ask The Experts – ‘Can my Scottish Best Man Wear a Kilt, or Is a Suit the Right Option?’

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“My best man is from Scotland and I think he really wants to wear a kilt for the wedding. I don’t mind but I think it will make him look like the groom! Should I tell him he has to wear a suit?” – Luke

From the Experts

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Hi Luke, and thank you for your question. Firstly we would advise you to find out if your best man is really passionate about wearing his kilt, i.e. does his family have their own tartan and does he want to wear it for pride to show off his family colours as most Scots do? If so, we would recommend letting him wear it. If he is only wearing it to have a laugh and you are not comfortable with that, then the best thing to do is tell him straight out that he’s wearing a suit. Really, at the end of the day it is your wedding, so he should hopefully understand.

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Good question Luke – tradition and form dictates that he wears the same attire as the rest of the groomsmen. So unless they’re all wearing kilts too, he’ll have to wear a suit.

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I can hear the strains of “Oh Flower of Scotland” already, but the answer to your question is – yes, you should tell him he has to wear a suit if he is to be your best man. Your thinking is correct – it will make him look like the groom because he will be the only one wearing it. So sorry, but he needs to don a suit and wear the kilt to the celebrations the next day. The only exception to this role might be military dress, but it tends to only work when you have only one best man.

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