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Ask the Experts – ‘How Do I Make Sure My Cake Stays Fresh?’

Image from Eleanor & Shane’s real wedding

How do I make sure my cake stays ‘fresh’ on my wedding day? – Celine

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Good question Celine! Your cake should be set up as close to the time your guests arrive as possible. If you are having a sponge style fondant cake, it should be kept refrigerated. A fruit cake should be kept in a cool place. Ensure your cakes display place is not in direct sunlight. Your cake designer should provide storage instructions for you and your venue – you can be sure they already have lots of experience in keeping all kinds of cakes the freshest they can be.

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Celine, no need to worry. Cakes, be they traditional fruit or more modern chocolate biscuit, or sponge are generally covered with an icing. The cake itself is sealed from the air by this icing and therefore you will have nothing to worry about. We would also suggest that you try and keep the room your cake is displayed in as cool as possible. Have a wonderful day!

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As you can guess it will depend a lot on the type of cake you will choose. Most of the wedding cakes made in Ireland use fondant, it is also called roll out icing or sugar paste. They have a beautiful smooth look and allow for the most complex decoration but they should not be refrigerated as condensation will appear on the icing when taken out of the fridge, giving them a wet look and making colours look runny. Chocolate and biscuit cakes iced with fondant can be baked up to a week before the wedding date, if older they might lose the crunch, of course fruit cakes need to mature so as long as they are well wrapped, they will keep very well for months. Moist types of cakes such as lemon cake, carrot cakes or red velvet cakes, also iced with fondant should be baked just a few days before the wedding date to keep fresh but is it is tricky for me to tell you exactly when, as it depends a lot on the recipe. We all have our little secret recipes, my cakes are created to be matured and moist when baked three or four days before the wedding date. If you choose a Croquembouche, it definitely has to be finished on the day. To keep fresh, a Croquembouche should be made and delivered straight to the venue and eaten on the day.

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