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Ask the Experts: How Many Sizes Up Should I Order My Dress?

Today we’re answering your wedding dress alteration questions! We’ve asked our experts to share their advice on thing s like when you should have alterations done, what size you should order your dress, and how much you can have altered!


Urata Designs | View Profile

What service do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services at Urata Designs. We have dresses in store that can be bought straight away, as well as that we design and sew custom made dresses for any and all occasions, ranging from wedding dresses to debs dresses or simple outfits. We also provide alteration services, millinery and dry cleaning and preservation services. Our services are unlimited.

How long before the wedding should I have my alterations done?

We usually start alterations 6 weeks before the wedding as brides tend to diet or just naturally lose weight before the wedding. Now that being said, we don’t limit it to 6 weeks. We’ve had brides leave their dresses here for a year as we provide a storage service for people who want to keep their dress a secret from their partners.

How many sizes up should I order my dress?

It quite honestly depends on the designer. We always, always encourage brides to get a bigger size if they wish to make adjustments and alterations as it is A LOT harder to let a dress out than it is to take in. But due to our in house design and sewing service we can make a dress to fit the brides exact figure and measurements.

How many sizes can you let it in or out?

Again, depends on the make of the dress and how much material has been left in the sewing process. But no worries, if a dress happens to be small, we are able to put in panels and match the fabric perfectly due to our wide range of fabrics in store.


Anna O Alterations | View Profile

What service do you offer?

Anna O Alterations is a bridal alteration specialist studio. I want every bride to feel extra special so I only take care of brides. 

How long before the wedding should I have my alterations done?

I love to start fittings 6/8 weeks before the wedding day. If you are making lots of changes please feel free to book a free consultation to have a chat about fitting plans.

How many sizes up should I order my dress?

I would order a dress the size that I currently measure at. But each shop consultant will know their own sizing so trust in your bridal shop for direction on this. 

How many sizes can you let it in or out?

2-3 sizes max on taking a dress in. Basically I have to remake the dress if it would be more than that. 
To let out is a different story however. Some dresses only allow half a size, each dress is very different! If you need panels put in please ask your bridal shop for extra fabric to match your dress 
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