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Ask The Experts – ‘Should I Tell the Photographer How I Want to be Photographed?’

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“I’m generally okay with my appearance, but I hate my side profile and I think I have a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side when it comes to photos. Should I say this to the photographer or will they think I’m a diva? I would dread to think that some of my favourite photos will be ruined by my side profile.” – Emma

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Photographers are well used to being told which is the bride’s good side and bad side! A good photographer will spot this anyway. It often depends on which way the bride’s hair is styled on the day. It is no harm letting the photographer know if you have any hang-ups about your appearance. They will normally work with you so that the photos will turn out great! By using the correct light, angles and location, a good photographer will hide any hang-ups the bride may have!

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As a passionate photographer I love adding beauty to an image. A bride should never be afraid to say her insecurities. I always take on board what a bride has to say but would ask that you allow me to photograph  from my perspective and give you a great choice of images. Usually everyday snapshot aren’t taken by a professional and this is why unflattering images are seen more than one would like. You could be pleasantly surprised at how your bad side could turn into a second good side.

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You should definitely say it to the photographer! If you have any concerns about what should or shouldn’t be photographed, then make the photographer aware. And keep reminding the photographer during the day, if you feel you need to! It’s much easier to get it right on the day, than to try and fix it afterwards. And I’ve always preferred working with couples who know what they want and tell me – better to be a tuned-in diva, than disappointed with something afterwards.

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Hi Emma – you could simply ask your photographer not to include any side profile shots in your final set of photographs or your album. It is very common for brides to be to be a little bit camera shy or apprehensive on their big day. I don’t think that your photographer is going to think you’re a “diva” for wanting the best photographs of your day – it’s all a part of the job.

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Rachel Green

Rachel Green

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