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Ask the Experts – Stationery – How do I politely say ‘No Children!’ on my wedding invites?!

For various reasons we’ve decided not to have any children at our wedding (except for my one niece who will be my flower girl) – how do I put this politely on the invite? – Angela

From the Experts

1. Finer Details – View Profile Page

“Although it shouldn’t be, this is a tricky one! Writing “Please no Children” is neither polite nor correct.  Be clear on your invitation and print only the names of exactly who is invited. Some guests will be more than happy to party the day & night away free from their little ones, but for guests that feel your day would be incomplete without their children’s presence, include a short personal note with their invitation, saying that you regret that you are unable to include children at your wedding but look forward to catching up with their children when you return from your honeymoon. If you are having a destination wedding you can say your venue is unable to cater for young children and suggest that guests travelling with their children can organise a child minder with your planner. For the guests that do arrive on the day with their little ones unannounced, just go with it, your day is far bigger than this.”

2. I Do Stationery – View Profile Page

“There are a few ways this can done politely:

  1. By adding Adults reception to follow.
  2. Emphasising who is invited on the RSVP card by writing their names under invited guests.
  3. Adding “Adults” on the RSVP response line ie

_______ Adults accepting

_______ Adults declining.

3. Rosy Days – View Profile Page

“The ‘No Children Please’ policy is always a tricky one and unfortunately no matter how you put the word out, there will most likely be a few guests who are disappointed about this. The most sensitive way to approach the subject is to speak directly to the guests that will be affected by this. Yes the conversation will be difficult, but most people appreciate you making the effort to personally explain your situation. Putting a message on your invitations is more likely to offend, however if you really can’t face the phone calls, ask close friends and family to spread the word for you.”

4. The Parlour Press Wedding Stationery – View Profile Page

“I wouldn’t put a message on the invite but would hope to spread the word through family members and friends. You could also put at the end or back of the invite a message such as, “in order for parents to better enjoy themselves as a couple, the bride and groom request that this be an adults only reception. Professional babysitting will be provided at the hotel’.”

Main photo from The Parlour Press

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  1. Avatar Lorna says:

    Myself and hubby to be are looking after the cost of our wedding and my parents are putting some towards it also, we are stuck on the way to word our invitations. We want to include my parents so it will be bride and groom with brides parents (not too formal). Any help appreciated! Lorna and Niall

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