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Ask the Experts – Wedding Photography – Do I have to pay the photographer up front?

“Can I withhold payment for photography until after I get my album, or will I have to pay up front?” – Yvonne

From the Experts

1. Fionn McCann, Studio33Weddings – Visit Profile Page 

“That is something you would have to agree on with you photographer before the wedding date. A few photographers may be happy to do this while most would not. I understand that there is a certain leap of faith when paying for something that you have not yet received! Although, most people don’t realize that each wedding is a weeks work and not just the day of shooting. In addition if the photographer has to pay for materials and albums in advance and then wait for payment there can be a considerable amount of time and personal expense involved. Your photographer should have a contract for you to sign with details about payment and what would happen in the event you were not happy with the end results. Again this really come back to the point of you choosing your photographer based on their style, personality, professionalism and that you are confident that he/she can deliver the results you want!”

2. Kevin Morris, Kevin Morris Photography – Visit Profile Page 

“Hi Yvonne, these days most photographers operate a scaled payment system with the final balance being payable upon delivery of album. This final balance is rarely for the full amount, but more often for around 35% of the final balance. This is due to the fact that all photographers must pay up front for your album and it represents a significant investment, and, of course, it can’t be used for any other couple !! As most photographers have their own payment plans etc. its best to discuss this with your photographer, preferably before booking so you know exactly where you will stand.”

3. Eric Ronan, Eric Ronan Photography – Visit Profile Page 

“Photographers work differently on this . Some take it in thirds, some take it all on the day of the wedding. I personally take a deposit and then balance on the day less 250 euro which is only paid when the couple are happy with the overall design of the album. For all moneys paid I always send a receipt to the couple. This is good business practice and every supplier no matter what their field should issue receipts to the couple.”

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