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Ask the Experts: When Should I Get Fitted for My Wedding Suit?

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“Hi there. I’m not getting married until the end of the year but my fiancée has been at me to go and get my suit sorted soon. I know what I want (something plain, black and smart) so I know I won’t be weeks deciding on ‘the one’! I don’t think I need to be looking so soon but she’s insisting. Plus I’m still carrying a little holiday weight (!) that I’ll need to get rid of over the next few months. When’s the right time to go and get my suit sorted?” Justin

Bond Brothers –

Hi Justin, thank you for your enquiry. At Bond Brothers, we usually recommend that you come in at least 10-12 weeks before your wedding to have the suits booked. Regards, The Bond Brothers Team.


Cathy from Dorian

The length of time to get fitted for your suit before your wedding depends on a couple of factors. If you are planning major gym sessions to add bulk or a weight loss campaign, it’s  best to visit your suit supplier and get an initial measurement done but advise them that your measurements will change. They will be able to build this into their stock requirements for your wedding. If you’re concerned about timing because you want to get something made to measure, you’re right this requires more time and more fittings – you will need to allow 6-8 weeks.


CT2 Suit Hire Dublin –

Anywhere between 6 months and 6 weeks, particularly if any member of the wedding party is outsize or an unusual fitting.

When finding your perfect wedding suit you should have a fairly clear idea to start with or a theme that your fiancée wants you to tie in. This helps decide what route you want to go down i.e. Bespoke or Off the peg. If you go for the off the peg option you have to be conscious of seasonal trends. If you’re getting married in Spring but want a charcoal flannel suit you might find it difficult sourcing it in a shop. Then you have to go down the bespoke route where you should be able to get whatever you desire regardless of the season. So timing the fitting of your wedding suit should depend on if you want something particular and if it is during a transitional season. For either scenarios I would get the process rolling at the latest two months before the wedding. This gives you the opportunity to go down either avenue plus relieves a lot of stress from your wife-to-be. If your worried about pre-wedding weight loss and it affecting the suits look, a good tailor will be able to help you. I hope this helps and good luck.
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