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Ask the Experts – Wine – Should I haggle on Corkage?

“My venue is charging a lot for corkage (it’s more expensive than the bottles themselves!) – Would you advise haggling with them?” – Lucy

From the Experts1.      Judith Graham at the Crowne Plaza Dublin Northwood Visit Profile Page 

“Hi Lucy, I would recommend discussing this with the hotel as it really doesn’t make sense for the corkage to be more expensive than the wine. However most venues advise the policy on wine at booking stage and some hotels have very strict policies with regard to wine and corkage, but it’s worth a try.”

2.  Heather Chandler at The Brehon Hotel – Visit Profile Page 

“Hello Lucy, We would advise haggling with the venue, especially if you have a large number attending your wedding because they may be more flexible if there is that fact.  However one tip we really would give would be to see if they can include wine in your package.  If they can then most hotels do not charge corkage and a lot of the time you can get a better quality wine without any of the hassle of sourcing and storing it yourself. “

3.     Matthew Ryan at The Grand Hotel – Visit Profile Page

“Hi Lucy. Typical price would be around 10 – 15 euro per bottle.  Remember the hotel has to receive it, store it, staff bringing it up to the bars – open it, provide glasses to serve it and also staff to serve it.    Bringing in your own wine can initially seem the good idea but to do this properly it can actually cost more.  If a typical wedding serves two glasses of wine with a meal, the hotel needs to have sufficient stock to cater for the choice on the day.  Most of the time white wine is more popular than red but this can radically change depending on age of guests, menu content etc.  therefore you have to supply the hotel with extra wine to cover all eventualities on the day.  Even though, you will get the excess back – it is a lot of money tied up in wine. Certainly ask for a discount but do not expect it.”

4.     Peter Loughnane at the County Arms Hotel – Visit Profile Page – Contact Peter

“Hi Lucy. It’s always important to try to get the best deal possible Lucy, but don’t focus too much on the wrong elements. If for instance, you get the corkage down from €10 to €7 per bottle, that might save you €200 for a wedding of 200 guests. However, the Hotel might not then give you the 2 free rooms for the Parents, which would save a lot more. Irrespective of how much the corkage is, the Hotel should be able to provide you with a good quality wine for less than your cost plus corkage, saving you the hassle of having to get the wine yourself.”Main image by Peter Rowen Photography

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