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11 Lust-Worthy Designer Shoes Worth Investing In!

She may be a fictional character but Carrie Bradshaw is to thank for our love of fabulous designer shoes, and we bet she has something to do with yours, too! If you’re on the lookout for a pair of fabulous … Read More »


WOL Loves: Floral Summer Cakes

The sweetest part of wedding planning is choosing your wedding cake! Summer weddings will always be a big season for floral wedding cakes, and that’s exactly what we are sharing today. From elegantly iced creations tumbling with sugar crafted flowers, … Read More »

Five Colour Mistakes To Avoid

Deciding in the colours that will  make up your wedding look is not always an easy task. For some couples they’ll know exactly what shade they want, but for others it won’t be so straight-forward. There are just so many … Read More »


10 Maids Dresses For Summer

The sun is high in the sky and we’ve made it to summer, which means lots of fabulous summer wedding days, complete with maids in gorgeous gowns! Today we’ve been having a look at some of our brilliant dress suppliers … Read More »

WOL Loves: Unity Candle Arrangements

As you say I do and pledge your life to your other half you will light the unity candle during your wedding ceremony. The unity candle arrangement is one item you’ll need to plan for with your florist. Sitting centre … Read More »


8 Tips To Find Your Ideal Wedding Florist

When it comes to the overall style and look of your wedding day, your flowers will play a huge role in making it as magical as you have imagined. Of course, having the perfect flowers will all depend on finding … Read More »

9 Wedding Flowers That Are Available All Year Round

Choosing wedding flowers that are in season can sometimes have an impact on the cost. If you are trying to keep costs down throughout your wedding, choosing in-season blooms could be one way of saving. Today we’re sharing nine gorgeous … Read More »

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