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Three Tasks To Pre-Book Before The Wedding

There will be a few tasks left to tackle after the day, some that will require booking before the day has even happened. Get ahead of your tasks by sorting them before you say I do – here’s three tasks to get you started…

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WOL Loves: Stylish & Comfortable Wedding Shoe Ideas

Your wedding dress gets the top spot for wedding day fashion but the key to being comfortable is your footwear choice. Do not underestimate the importance of wearing a part of shoes you feel comfortable in, and surprise, that doesn’t have to mean heels! 

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Seven Things To Think About Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Every decision you make during your wedding planning journey will have an impact on the overall look, feel and vibe of the day. Probably the biggest decision will be the venue you choose. The space has the ability to set the tone for the day, so it’s a big deal you get your decision right! 

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Black Bridesmaids Dresses – The Dos & Don’ts

Are you thinking of going for black for your bridesmaids dresses? It might not be the first colour to pop into your mind when you think of a wedding, but it’s so chic, timeless and stunning. Black will suit every skin tone and body shape, and work for your wedding vibe no matter what. 

WOL Loves: Pew Ends & Aisle Markers

Pew ends and aisle markers are a great way to add colour and a taste of your wedding style to your ceremony. Today we’ve got lots of beautiful pew ends and aisle marker ideas from local florists that are sure to inspire and guide your choices. Floral meadow arrangements are a popular choice currently with lots of couples choosing this statement look. 

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Romantic Red Nails For Autumn

Brides who love a bold choice, this one’s for you – romantic red nails on your wedding day. 
Personally I adore a red nail for any time of year and on any occasion, I’m a red girl! From fiery scarlet to deep and moody burgundy, they always feel romantic, and what could be more perfect on your wedding day?

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2024 Trend: Petite Posies

We will always adore big and wild bouquets, but this year we’ve been noticing more and more smaller, daintier and more delicate posies popping up on the most stylish wedding days. It could be a Royal influence, but we think this new mini trend is simply because, petite posies are beautiful! We’re excited to see this develop throughout 2024. 

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WOL Loves: Super Smart Grooms Shoes

It’s not always budget friendly to purchase the guys the same shoes, but many suit suppliers now offer rental options, or they could be their thank you gift – a generous gesture and you win with fabulous grooms party footwear! Today we’ve got lots of super stylish footwear ideas to make sure your guys are looking great from the ground up! 

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Five Beautiful Autumn Colour Palettes From Real Weddings

We love autumn, especially the stunning colours the season brings. Just as the trees change from green to gold, we think there’s lots of wedding inspiration to be found in nature. If you’re getting married during autumn we have five beautiful colour palette ideas to help inspire your day from recent weddings.

Six Cosy Ideas For Autumn Weddings

Signs of autumn are already sneaking in and soon we’ll all be embracing the cosy season! Add extra cosy vibes to your autumn wedding with these six great ideas… 

WOL Loves: Bridal Hairbands

This summer season we have noticed a lot of brides choosing to wear a fabulous hairband on their wedding day. A hairband certainly isn’t just for preschoolers, they add a beautiful modern touch to your overall wedding day look, and extra personality, too.

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Beautiful Mother of the Bride Outfits for Autumn

Your special day is also your parents special day, it’s a huge occasion for them and they’ll want to look and feel their very best. If you have a shopping trip planned with your mum to help choose her perfect outfit today we have ten beautiful designs to get your in the mood. 

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Five Things To Keep As A Surprise

During your wedding planning you will have lots and lots, and maybe a little few more, choices to make. From the venue to colours and entertainment to food, the list of decisions to be made might feel endless at times! Today we’ve got five elements of your day that you really shouldn’t share with anyone… 

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WOL Loves: Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses For Autumn

Summer might be drawing to a close, which we’re a little bit sad about, but we love autumn just as much, so we are excited! Autumn is the most beautiful of seasons, and a great one to get married during.

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Six Tips To Help Choose Your Wedding Cake

Today we’re talking all things wedding cake, one of the best parts of wedding planning if you ask me! What could be better than having to taste different cake flavours and dream up a magical design?! 

Big Love: 7 Ways To Include Bows In Your Day

If you want to make a statement on your day with a pretty bow, or 20, let us sprinkle your wedding inspiration with seven ways to include bows in your wedding day. 

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WOL Loves: Towers of Cheese!

Today we’re sharing two fabulous Irish businesses who lovingly create towers of cheese and grazing boards for you and your guests.

WOL Loves: On Trend Wedding Cakes

Who doesn’t love a fabulous wedding cake?! The WOL office do, that’s for sure! Today we’re sharing so much incredible inspiration from some of the finest bakers and cake artists across Ireland.

10 Next Day Party Dresses For The New Mrs!

Why wear one dress when you can have two! If you plan on keeping the celebrations going for a second day, you’ll be needing another white dress, any why not, you’re the bride of the moment after all.

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Four Wedding Day Timeline Mistakes To Avoid

Over the years we’ve attended lots of wedding days and chatted to lots of couples who have learnt a thing or two about timeline planning – we’re considering this essential info to ensure you don’t make these four timeline mistakes! 

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