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Serve This! 10 Scrumptious Autumn & Winter Cocktails

Seasonal cocktails – what an incredible treat to behold! If you’re an autumn or winter bride, you are so very lucky… the choice of autumn and winter cocktails to serve your guests is truly, madly, deeply impressive. Think of the best flavours of each season, like apples, pumpkins, pecans, Baileys, mince pies… each one, when served as a drink, will make your guests swoon.

The best thing about the whole drinks thing is that you can pick just one! Yes, one scrumptious signature cocktail will have everyone impressed, and guarantees they’ll remember the day they enjoyed the best mulled wine or hot chocolate of their entire life. And setting this up is so easy – choose your favourite from the list below, and ask your venue or bar hire about the costs of adding it to the bill. Remember – you may also have an option of bringing in the supplies yourself, so discuss that option with them as well, it could save you some serious euros!

So, what will it be? Here’s our delish list of autumn and winter cocktails…

Caramel apple mule


Caramel apples are reminiscent of fairground fun – and now, the adults can enjoy the taste once again, but in a more sophisticated version. Plus, apples are a signature taste of autumn. This simple cocktail combines Absolut vodka, caramel syrup and apple cider – a lovely treat for your wedding.

Get the recipe for caramel apple mule from

Cranberry sauce margarita

Cranberries are so very autumn – just like falling leaves. It’s only natural to sip something cranberry-related while you celebrate. has a fabulous recipe for a tequila, lime, honey and cranberry sauce margarita. Cranberry sauce is easily found at Tesco if you need supplies. A few fresh cranberries dropped in for garnish, and you have yourself a gorgeous colourful drink!

Get the recipe for cranberry sauce margarita from

Warm apple pie cocktail


Again with them apples, but these are beautifully paired with their old friend – cinnamon. There’s probably never been a person who didn’t like this flavour combo, so feel free to serve it to your guests with abandon. It is to be served warm, and topped with whipped cream. We’re sure some of your guests will even skip dessert, just to have more of these. The main ingredient is apple cider, warmed with cloves, allspice and cinnamon sticks, then jazzed up with a splash of rum.

Get the recipe for warm apple pie cocktail from

Beige Russian

Chocolate-milk based cocktail? We don’t mind if we do! Frankly, it works all year round, but you know a chocolate cocktail will lift spirits on even the coldest day. So simple – just three ingredients, one being Tia Maria but you can also substitute Tia Maria for any coffee-flavoured liqueur.

Get the recipe for beige Russian at

Chamomile honey and whiskey cocktail


Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? Well, it’s poured hot over ice cubes, so it keeps that nice warm temperature, with citrus and either whiskey or bourbon adding a real zinger to it all. We recommend making it at home first (easy peasy!) to decide on the version you like best. Garnished with an orange slice, it has that look of a real party drink.

Get the recipe for chamomile honey and whiskey cocktail from

The Irish winter

Who knew the signature taste of Mexico would combine so well with Jameson Irish Whiskey? Add coffee and whipped cream on top, and you’ve got yourself a perfect wedding drink to serve anytime before, during or after the reception. In other words, all night long.

Get the recipe for the Irish winter at

Baileys Hot Chocolate


So easy to make, the hardest part will be deciding whether to drink two… or maybe three? Even your standard store-brand hot chocolate suddenly tastes better when splashed with a little Baileys, then topped with whipped cream and maybe a few chocolate sprinkles.

If you want to jazz it up a bit, it’s the easiest thing in the world – just use a different variety of Baileys. They now make mint, biscotti, crème caramel and coffee flavours! Or, for even more festive heat, create a Baileys Hot Tail by adding a splash of Amaretto and a candy cane stirrer at Christmas – the guests will be feeling warm in no time!

Get the recipe for Baileys and Amaretto hot tails at

Mulled wine


Chances are, if your venue is a hotel, pub, or any other place doing the catering for you, they’ll already have mulled wine planned for their winter season anyway, so adding it to your drinks offering couldn’t be easier. To make it extra special – citrus fruit, ruby port and some cloves is all it takes.

Get the recipe for special mulled wine from


If your only experience with eggnog has been the eggnog latte from Starbucks, then you’ve just scratched the surface. If, however, you’ve been lucky to taste the real thing, made properly at home, or at a classy restaurant, or by a skilled bartender, you know it’s an absolute dream. It can be made with brandy, bourbon or rum for the adults, and in a separate bowl – a non-alcoholic treat for the kiddies. There are so many recipes online (even Jamie Oliver got in the act, and he swears it’s the best ever), it’s only a matter of finding your favourite.

Get a whole lot of festive eggnog recipes at

Toby’s Toddy


Straight from Esquire, it’s Toby’s Toddy. Incredibly simple to make, it’s a combo of cognac and aged rum, livened up by lemon and cinnamon. It’s elegant, it’s gentle, and it will be appreciated by all the guests, whether they’re feeling the chill or not.

Get the Toby’s toddy recipe from

Main image of Baileys and Amaretto hot tails from

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