Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Planning & Advice

Choosing your wedding venue is a big task and a super fun one too! There’s a lot to consider, so keep on reading to make sure you don’t make these mistakes when choosing your wedding venue…

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Mistake #1: Not being organised

Sure, you want to get straight into venue visits, but we recommend getting organised first! Do your homework and you’ll feel so much more prepared and in a position to make good decisions.

Here are some things you need to know ahead of time:

  • A rough idea of your wedding venue budget
  • An estimated head count
  • Where you’d like to get married, geographically
  • A wedding date, or date range (unless you genuinely don’t have a preference)


Knowing this information will naturally narrow down your list and you’ll thank us for it!


Mistake #2: Waiting too long

Yup, we recommend doing your research and being organised (above) but don’t wait too long! Imagine finding your dream wedding venue, falling in love with it, and then realising it’s fully booked for the next two years. If you really really want your wedding venue, or if you have a non-negotiable wedding date, then you need to get a head start.

We’ll make it easy for you! Here’s a fabulous place to find the best wedding venues!


Mistake #3: Not understanding the contract

Venue fees can be confusing! There are different structures (price per head, site fees, food and drinks minimum costs, for example) so it’s really important that you get your head around the contract. Don’t be enticed by a low rental fee if you don’t know what it comes with. A higher priced venue often comes with staff, a wedding planner and all the tables, chairs, linens, glassware and so on that you’ll need. Make sure you understand what’s included (and what’s not) before you sign your wedding venue contract.


Mistake #4: Forgetting your non-negotiables

Sit down with your partner and figure out what your non-negotiables are. Do you want a huge wedding with dancing? Maybe you’d rather have a more intimate celebrate with just your closest friends and family? Have you always had your heart set on a beach ceremony? Think about what you really really want and then find out if you can do it all with your venue of choice!


Mistake #5: Not visiting the venue

We highly recommend visiting your potential wedding venues before signing anything. You want to meet the wedding coordinator, take a walk around the venue, and ask any questions you have. From that point, you can do all your correspondence via email, phone call or Zoom. It’s the initial meeting that must be in person! You’ll feel so confident that you’ve selected the right venue.


Mistake #6: Neglecting the travel situation

Consider your guests and how they’ll get to your venue. You want the wedding travelling to be safe and convenient for everyone! For guests flying in, it’s helpful if the airport is near to your venue. If your guests like to party, then finding a venue that’s close to accommodation is a must. And if all else fails, are you able to arrange a shuttle service?


Mistake #7: Assuming your venue is accessible to everyone

You want to make sure your wedding venue is accessible to all your guests! This is particularly important for guests with disabilities and special needs. Check this out to find out more.


Mistake #8: Ignoring the weather forecast

Let’s be real, it’s Ireland after all. Check the weather and create a backup plan if it’s looking grim. It’s not just the rain you’ve got to be weary of. We also recommend having a plan for a super hot day! Water bottles, sun cream and shade will do the trick.