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6 Awesome American Honeymoons You Didn’t Know You Could Have

If your travel zone so far includes Ireland, the UK or Europe, the vastness of America will astound you. Until you actually visit it, it’s hard to comprehend how a flight of five hours or more still keeps you in the same country, but lands in a completely different season, climate and vibe. A traveller in America will come back with stories, photos and memories unlike any other. The best part is, America reveals itself differently to every visitor. Take New York. Everyone will agree: yes, it’s busy, fabulous and famous. And yet, everyone will have  a different feeling about New York. That is the beauty of America – whether you go to tourist spots or off the beaten track, your stories will be uniquely yours. So for a trip of a lifetime, America should definitely make it onto your consideration list.

In a country like this, you can’t help but have an adventure. And so, America is perfect for couples who love long haul flights (that feeling of going really far, far away from home), lots of things to do, and a curiosity for experiencing the country we think we all know… but when we get there, it’s a daily surprise. So, here are our top choices of awesome American honeymoons – and be sure to have a chat with the experts, American Sky Honeymoons who will point you in the right direction!

Awesome American Honeymoons – Coachella

Above image from Coachella’s Facebook page

Honeymoon at a festival? Really? Hey, why not! It’s the perfect combo of April, California, arts and music. Coachella is built for comfort, and is lauded as the festival other festivals aspire to be. If you expect nothing but mud, then balmy California will likely surprise you! So, here’s how: set your honeymoon for April, get yourself one of the deals they have going with local hotels, and combine those few days with other California adventure. It will truly be a trip of a lifetime, with absolutely zero boredom guaranteed. But, you have to act well in advance, as tickets sell out super fast. Sign up to email alerts on Coachella’s official website to make sure you don’t miss out.

Awesome American Honeymoons – Road Trip

If there was a country built for road tripping, it has to be the USA. Get your kicks on Route 66 simply couldn’t have been said about any other country. You literally have endless possibilities here. You can choose one city as your base, and take one day excursions around it. Or spend a week or two in the car, and plan to stop at hotels or motels along the way. Or arrive in one city, then travel for as long and far as you want to another city, then fly back. The choices are absolutely spectacular. We highly recommend the overseas highway from Miami to Key West in Florida; or on the west coast, California State Route 1 from San Diego to Leggett covering all the famous cities along the way (San Fran, Santa Monica, Malibu etc) – this drive can also be taken in the winter! In the autumn, the Blue Ridge Parkway has the most stunning views of leaves and miles of scenery you thought was only possible in the movies. Whatever trip you choose, make sure to splash out on a great car. Cruising down America’s scenic highways with the top down and wind in your hair is the stuff of legends.

Awesome American Honeymoons – Cruise

Above image courtesy of American Sky

Every city looks different from the water, and sailing plus sightseeing is a beautiful combination. The prices are far more affordable than you think, and you can go any time of the year; icy Alaska is as stunning as the sunny Bahamas, just in a different way. To organise this, we’re going to put you in the good hands of American Sky – their cruises will blow you away. Example – 14 nights covering Las Vegas and Hawaii for less than €3500 per person including flights? Yes! Your only problem will be picking just one cruise. Go go go check them out!

Awesome American Honeymoons – Ranch

Above image from

This is perfect for all couples who really want to do something very different. Spend a week on a real ranch with your choice of luxury level. There’s a huge range of activities – from actual working on the ranch, to attending rodeos, fishing, white water rafting and horseback riding. Basically, it can be as active or leisurely as you like. Many ranches are surprisingly family friendly if you have kids to bring along. You’ll see sights and experience a way of life that’s so unique to America, it can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. This is also an absolute dream for fans of landscape photography. And while there are ranches in many states, you’ll need to bring two things wherever you go – a stylish Stetson, and a pair of stunning authentic cowboy boots. They make amazing honeymoon souvenirs.

Awesome American Honeymoons – Rail

Above image from

The romance of rail travel cannot be underestimated. The pace and the views are ideal for honeymooners. And don’t forget the convenience: you can pack in a grand tour of spectacular nature and cities without doing anything at all except gazing out the window. This is a no-hassle trip, without any worries about parking, airports, petrol or following a tour guide. Just listen to the names: Coast Starlight, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief (all tours by Amtrak, by the way). Arrange your own trip by landing in one city, travelling by rail for as long as you like to cities you want to see along the way, and then fly back from your final city. Alternatively, choose a travel agency to arrange this for you, or one of the dedicated American rail adventure websites. This is a honeymoon for couples who really love seeing something different every single day.

Awesome American Honeymoons – New York

We already sang New York’s praises at the start of this article. Also, ok, this is the one place on our list people you know may have actually already been to. But we’ve added it because New York is magical. We won’t list the sights, because you already know what they are. What’s important is that, once you arrive in New York, you’ll have the unmistakable feeling you’re at a place you know, and it knows you. It’s because you’ve already seen so much of it, in films, TV shows, commercials, the news… a New York honeymoon is like being in a movie. This city gave the world culture, coolness, corned beef, creativity, confidence… it’s a very long list! There isn’t a bad season to visit, the summer is as enchanting as winter, even if the temperatures are extreme. Go to New York and be a New Yorker – you’ll come back feeling on top of the world. American Sky will help you sort out the details.

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