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Bridesmaids Gifts – 10 Fabulous Gifts The Girls Will Love!

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids gifts has got to be one of the most fun and exciting parts of wedding planning. These are your girls, your besties, your gang. You want to spoil them, because there’s no-one you’d rather have by your side on your Big Day. So today, we’re sharing a list of fabulous gifts that we know your girls will love!

Before we jump in, here are some questions we see a lot about bridesmaids gifts:

How much should I spent on bridesmaids gifts?

This is completely up to you! Usually what you spent will be determined by what’s in your budget, how many bridesmaids you’ve got, when you give them their gifts (more on this below) and roughly how much your bridesmaids have spent on you and your wedding. The key is to give a gift that’s personal and shows how much you appreciate your girls!

When should I give them their gifts?

There are two common times (and you can do either or both!): the morning of the wedding or when you ask your besties to be in your wedding party.

What are good bridesmaids gifts?

Knowing when you’ll give your gifts will determine the type of gifts you give. For example, a bridesmaids tote bag is a fabulous accessory your girls can use for the hen party, wedding day or any other wedding events and activities so you’d want to give that to them early. But anything they can use anytime (like a cute mug) or at the wedding specifically (like jewellery or lipstick) could be given on the morning of your wedding.


Bridesmaid proposal box

This is a super cute way to ask your girls if they want to be your bridesmaids? Gift these to your besties before you even begin wedding planning, or as early as possible. Fill your proposal box with things your girls will love, things they’ll use for the wedding, and a cute card or letter.

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Cute bridesmaids robes & PJs

Give your girls cute matching bridesmaids robes or PJs! Wear them on the morning of your wedding in a bit of a throwback to childhood slumber parties.

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Something sparkly

A little jewellery gift is a lovely way to show your love and appreciation for your girls. It also gives them something special to wear on your Big Day. Think personalised necklaces, matching earrings or a fabulous headpiece.



Tote bag

This is a fabulous gift for your girls to use through your wedding journey. They can take their bags along to your hen party, or use it to store their wedding day accessories!



Bridesmaids hangers

Another useful gift that your girls can use to hang up their wedding day dresses! A bonus is that they can use their hangers after the wedding too!



Bridesmaids swimsuits

We’re mildly obsessed with bridesmaids swimsuits! There’s something super cute about matching swimsuits for a beach or poolside hen party, or pretty much any wedding festivities taking place by the water.

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A scented candle

If your girls are anything like me, they’ll love a scented candle! Buy each bridesmaid a candle with their favourite scent. It’s kind, thoughtful and pretty!

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Monogrammed mugs

Here’s something your girls can use beyond your wedding: a monogrammed mug! They’re useful and really cute.



Love Island bottles

If you and your girls are fans of Love Island, this gift is something they will love! It’s useful, will help them drink their daily dose of water, and they could use theirs for wedding events and more.

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Wine glasses

If you and your girls have bonded over wine before, then this gift will put a smile on their faces!

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