Can I Use My Wedding Ceremony Flowers At My Reception?

Décor & Flowers

We get it – weddings can be pretty pricy. It may seem like a great idea to order half the amount of flowers and just use them twice. Sometimes, it is! And other times, repurposing your flowers is not recommended. If you’re wondering if you can use your wedding ceremony flowers at your reception, take a look at these do’s and don’ts:


Do: Repurpose a floral installation

Have your wedding florist create a beautiful floral arch, flower wall or installation. Then move it to the reception! You could use this as a welcome arch as guests arrive at the reception, a backdrop to your head table, a photo booth backdrop or as an eye-catching spot to place your wedding cake.


Do: Create a table runner

Use the beautiful flower table runner from your ceremony in your reception too! This floral table runner could line the head table, be placed in the bathrooms or in another prime spot for guests to enjoy it.


Don’t: Repurpose the bridesmaids’ bouquets

You may be tempted to have your girls walk down the aisle with gorgeous bouquets that they can then pop into vases on your reception tables. Sounds great, right? Well these bouquets won’t have been in water for hours and are likely to start wilting sooner than your table arrangements. Rather let your girls hold onto their bouquets and have fresh arrangements made for the centrepieces.


Don’t: Wing it

We recommend having a detailed plan of which floral arrangements will be repurposed and moved! You will need dedicated staff or helpers to move flower arrangements, so don’t wing it on the day or this could disrupt the flow of the day.


Do: Talk to your florist

Let your florist know that you’d like to repurpose your ceremony flowers for the reception and see what they advise. Let your florist take this into account when selecting the flowers so they can sustain more movement and longer use-time.


Don’t: Expect to save a huge amount

Hear us out… sure, you will save some money if you repurpose your ceremony flowers for the reception in a clever and well thought-out way. But if you are using your ceremony flowers in places that you didn’t plan to purchase flower arrangements, you won’t be saving much. For example, perhaps you never planned to include flowers on your cake table. Repurposing ceremony flowers in this instance won’t save you money, but is still a lovely use of the flowers.


Do: Think about other events

Are you planning a Day After celebration? Find creative ways to use your wedding day blooms for the after party!