Ask the Experts – “Should we have the wedding speeches before or after the meal?”

The ‘wedding speeches before or after the meal’ debate is one that comes up over and over again. Generally, couples will opt to have their speeches after the meal, so that guests are fed and watered and can relax and enjoy all the well wishes. However, for many people public speaking brings with it a rucksack of nerves. So do you put the nervous bridal party before the guests, or is there an alternative? We asked four expert wedding coordinators their opinions. Read More »

Ask the Experts – Flowers – I am a Bride with Hay Fever; What are my Bouquet Options?!

Hay fever is no fun at the best of times, and it’s certainly not something you want to worry about as your big day and big photo shoot approaches. Luckily there are plenty of brilliant and beautiful bouquets that hay fever prone brides-to-be can hold without a runny nose! Today we’re asking wedding flower experts Little Daisy, A Room in Bloom and Jamazin Flowers what popular wedding flowers have the lowest pollen count, and what other types of bouquet hay fever sufferers can opt for. Read More »


Ask the Experts – Cakes – What are the more unusual Wedding Cake Flavours I can go for?

Mmm… Today we’re talking wedding cakes and as we tend to concentrate on how pretty they look (so materialistic!) we’ve decided instead to talk about what’s really important – how good they taste! Three of our top wedding cake experts – Bake my Cake, Timeless Cakes 4U and Eden Cake Company – are here to share their most popular wedding cake flavours and give their suggestions on the more modern and unusual wedding cake flavours you can go for for your big day sweet. Nom nom nom… Read More »

Ask the Experts – Stationery – How do I politely say ‘No Children!’ on my wedding invites?!

Eek, today the experts are tackling the always-controversial subject of NO CHILDREN AT THE WEDDING! But rather than debate the pros and cons of inviting kids (that’s for another day), we’re putting the subject to our stationery suppliers. How do you politely say ‘children not invited’ or ‘adults only wedding’? It’s not too easy right? Is there a secret way of wording wedding invitations in a firm, but respectful way? Experts today – Claire from Rosy Days, Lisa from I Do Stationery, Marie from Finer Details and Karen from The Parlour Press! Read More »


Ask the Experts – Wedding Photography – Do I have to pay the photographer up front?

As with most purchases they make, many brides and grooms-to-be are cautious about paying for a wedding supplier up front. While many are aware that a deposit is a guarantee that a service will be provided, some brides on the weddingsonline forums have queried the idea of paying for the photographer before receiving the album. So we’ve asked three professionals – Kevin Morris, Eric Ronan and Fionn McCann – their perspective on paying up front, and what a bride can do to ensure her payment is safe. Read More »

Ask WOL -Your Wedding Dilemmas Solved

Sick of your bridesmaids? Can’t find the right venue? Or still having feelings for an ex? We answer your wedding dilemmas, big or small. Read More »

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