Ask the Experts – Stationery – How do I politely say ‘No Children!’ on my wedding invites?!

Eek, today the experts are tackling the always-controversial subject of NO CHILDREN AT THE WEDDING! But rather than debate the pros and cons of inviting kids (that’s for another day), we’re putting the subject to our stationery suppliers. How do you politely say ‘children not invited’ or ‘adults only wedding’? It’s not too easy right? Is there a secret way of wording wedding invitations in a firm, but respectful way? Experts today – Claire from Rosy Days, Lisa from I Do Stationery, Marie from Finer Details and Karen from The Parlour Press! Read More »

Ask the Experts – Hair – I hated my hair after my hair trial!

Some of us are all too familiar with the ol fighting-back-tears-in-the-hairdresser-seat situation “what do you think” she says, “it’s great” we exclaim with a big smile and an urge to stick on our emergency beanie hat. But what if this happens at your hair trial? This isn’t some random night out with the girls – you are entrusting your big day to your stylist and you’re not happy! We’ve asked two hair stylist and wedding professionals the question – what can you do if you’re not happy with your hair trial? Read More »


Ask the Experts – Wedding Photography – Do I have to pay the photographer up front?

As with most purchases they make, many brides and grooms-to-be are cautious about paying for a wedding supplier up front. While many are aware that a deposit is a guarantee that a service will be provided, some brides on the weddingsonline forums have queried the idea of paying for the photographer before receiving the album. So we’ve asked three professionals – Kevin Morris, Eric Ronan and Fionn McCann – their perspective on paying up front, and what a bride can do to ensure her payment is safe. Read More »

Ask the Experts – Wine – Should I haggle on Corkage?

Today wollie Lucy is asking a question that’s popping up over and over again on the weddingsonline forums – the question of corkage. Can you haggle with your venue on the price of corkage? Should you haggle with them? Our venue expert panel for today’s query is Judith Graham from Dublin’s Crowne Plaza, Heather at The Brehon Hotel, Matthew Ryan at the Grand Hotel and Peter Loughnane from the County Arms. Read More »


Ask WOL – Your Wedding Dilemmas Solved

This week we’ve been searching the forums for some interesting wedding dilemmas. Trouble is; they’re all interesting! But we decided for this dilemma day we would talk about about how to prepare for the Irish weather, how to include somebody in your wedding celebrations who has passed away, and whether or not you have to leave your flowers for the church after your ceremony. Read More »

The Bothersome Bridesmaid

According to a poll on, 46% of newly wedded brides would choose a different bridesmaid than they had for their wedding if they could. That’s a startling statistic when you think about it -nearly half were unhappy with one of their most important relationships in their lives on one of the most important days of their lives. By Karen Birney Read More »


Ask WOL – Your Wedding Dilemmas Solved

No bridal dilemma is ever too big or too small for the WOL Girls! This week we answer a Wollie who despises her engagement ring, we seek help for the newly engaged lady who, in spite of her pushy future mother-in-law, does not want an engagement party and we advise the almost married couple who cannot decide on a wedding photographer! Read More »


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