All I want for Christmas is you….

I just want you for my own  More than you could ever know  Make my wish come true  All I want for Christmas is you Image by Sloan Photography

“If you’re a bird…

…I’m a bird"-The NotebookImages by Clayton Austin Have a fun weekend x


“I set sail without you…

…And we were carried on the flood of your tears.Time pulls a face when I’m next to you,Let’s hope the wind changes ‘Cos we’d be stuck in this place For an age or two, I hope the wind changes, And … Read More »

“Whenever I’m alone with you…

…you make me feel like I am young again."-The Cure, LovesongPhoto by Jose Villa   Have a beautiful weekend. x


Swoon-worthy Engagement Photos by The Bridal Lounge

Yes, you can have swoon-worthy engagement photos just like this. Read More »

6 Inspiring Engagement Photo Themes

Engagement photo themes are just like wedding cakes – so many to choose from, but one out there is right for you! Is it one of these? Read More »

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