Style Tips For The Mother of the Bride (and Groom!)

For a Mother of the Bride, and of course the Groom too, seeing their child getting married is a huge milestone in their life and one they want to look and feel their best at. When it comes to choosing their outfit it can sometimes be a little daunting. From where to start and what colour to wear, it’s exciting and maybe even a little intimidating – today we’re here to help as we share our top style tips for finding the perfect outfit.  Read More »


WOL Loves: 10 Pretty Pink Mother of the Bride Outfit Ideas

From rose to raspberry and berry to blush, pink is a huge favourite amongst mother of the brides and grooms. Today we’ve got ten pretty pink outfit ideas in shades to suit all skin tones.  Read More »

12 Mother of the Bride Looks For A Festive Wedding

Making sure your mum (and your partners mum!) looks and feels her best and most confident on your wedding day, is an absolute must! It’s their day to shine as well as your own, so have fun finding the perfect … Read More »


Five Fashion Designers For Fabulous Mother of the Bride Occasion Wear

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for your precious Mum, sometimes the hunt can be as challenging as searching for your wedding dress! Your Mum will want to shine on the day, feel confident in her look and … Read More »

Mother of the Bride Outfit Advice

Finding the perfect outfit for your mum can prove as adventurous as choosing your own wedding gown! What colour should she wear? Does she need to keep it traditional? Should she wear a hat? The questions can go on and … Read More »


WOL Loves: Winter Mother of the Bride Outfits

Your wedding day is a huge celebration for parents, so of course they will want to look their best! Whilst most Dads will wear the same suits as the Grooms party, Mothers of the Bride and Grooms get to have … Read More »

Luxury Occasion-wear & Special Touches For Your Mam

You’ve been planning your wedding day for a long time, and there’s a very big chance your Mam has too! As well as your bridal gown, your Mums outfit is very important, you want her to look and feel her … Read More »

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