New Edition of B Magazine – Watch this Space!

B Magazine Autumn Edition! Price: €4 (and at a crammyful 300 pages of goodness, we’re probably the best value wedding magazine IN THE WORLD) Emulating our super couture front cover (it’s Jose Villa shooting Vera Wang dontcha know?!), this is … Read More »

New Rainbow Couture Shoe Collection

The new Rainbow Couture shoe collection will brighten your day, so get right to it. Read More »


Best Bridesmaid Looks of 2010

The colour and style you choose for your bridesmaids will help enhance the tone and theme of your day. These are the best bridesmaid looks of 2010. Read More »

DIY Designer Petal Sandal a la Carrie Bradshaw

This DIY designer petal sandal is an amazing Christian Louboutin look-alikes, capable of adding plenty of Carrie Bradshaw swagger to your step. Read More »


Never-to-be-Forgotten Bridesmaid Dresses

We’re beating the ‘ugly dress’ myth with these spectacular never-to-be-forgotten bridesmaid dresses. Read More »

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